Friday, July 21, 2017

The Vlogging Tag

Very Inte-res-ting!

So this little introduction and the "rules" are not going to follow the rules. Elise over at Doll Stories nominated Tea Time with Melody Q for The Vlogging Tag. At first we weren't sure we'd qualify sine we don't vlog (aka video blog), but after reading the rules jumped at the challenge.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
  2. Grab the tag logo for your post.
  3. Write a post (it can be about absolutely anything) and don't edit it at all. Like you would if you were vlogging. No backspacing or deleting allowed. (Of course, if you have a typo that makes an inappropriate word; that can be corrected.) It does not have to include pictures, but if you do, no editing them either.
  4. Nominate 3 other people and let know you nominated them.

And Away We Go!

Hi! I'm Melody and Tea time with Melody Q was nominateed for the vlogging tag by Elise from Doll Stories. Thank you, Elise! The premise of this tag is very intresting - no editingis permited. ARGH! This maybe our worst or funniest post ever. 
Anyway, this is our fourth year blogging and you never know what you mightfind.
(Tris, Bijoux, and Coco bound in and jump up)
Oh, no! Down Tris! Down girl!
(licking face)
Oh, (giggles) help!
I've got them. Tris! Bijoux! Coco! Come! Treat!
(Tris jumps down)
Thanks, Lea! As I was saying, ou r posts vary and don't follow a prescribed schedule. You will find book, product, movie, tea reviews as well as photo stories and photoshoots. And finding us is easy. Just google Tea Time with Melody Q on your computer or smartphone or tablet.
Hem, henm!
yikes! Is Dolores Umbridge here? (giggles) We just finished reading harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Hey! I know I'm wearing pink, but I don't look like a toad nor am I horrid like she is.
So true, you are not. What do you want?
Well, I just wanted to remind you to credit the entire family or Tea Time staff.
Staff (giggles) no worries. i have that in my nots or notes.
Very good. (walks away)
When Tea Time started back in 2013 handing out assignments was easy; three were only four of us. Me, Kaya, Kirsten, and Lanie. Hayley came along followed by Grace an dLea. 
Did you call? Selfie or Usie time!
What? Aer you serious?!
Sure, but that one wan't so good. Lets try again.
Nope. One more.
that's a good one. 
Great, may I finish now?
Sure. Sure.
Our family has grown in many ways. I have more sisters now and we have quites a few more animals. Some in the hose or house and some in the barn. I know Lanie is in the garden right now and Kaya is withthe horses, so they won't interrupt. Not sure what Hayley is up to...
Hey, Mel!
Oh, no! Now What? Grace, I'm trying to work on the vlogging tag.
I know, but i brought ice cram and thought you should eat it befoe it melts.
Oh. Um, waht flavor?
Raspberry. (puts ice cream on table)
Oh, yum! Well, considering it's somewhere in the 90s right now, let's finish up! 
Lea, Kirsten come on over let's get a final photo for the post.
Everyone say cheese!
now scrable! The sky is getting dark, it could storm any moment.
Yep. It's much cloudier than when I started!

Back to Reality

Considering Xyra is a technical writer and editing is part of her every day life, this was a terrible post. (laughing) A very challenging tag, it will drive her nuts for a long, long time. (laughing) so from here on in we are editing!


We'd like to nominate the following people to try and complete the tag:
Jessica from American Girl Fan
Jess & Madi from Lunaville Dolls
Blackiesunshine from Silver Sky Dolls

Have fun all!


  1. This totally cracked me up. And yes, I feel your pain! Not backspacing and correcting would be very difficult for me.

    1. Yay! That's what we were hoping for; having fun with our readers. :-)

  2. Thanks so much for nominating us! Maddie and I can't wait to try it!

    1. You're welcome! We look forward to your post. :)