Monday, July 10, 2017

The Sisters Tag 2

Second Nomination

Melody and Lanie (both)

Hi! Molly and Julie from The Savage Dolls nominated us for The Sister Award/Tag.
Thank you! We appreciate the nomination.
The questions are the same that Kaya and Kirsten answered.
So they helped us a bit.

To Start

Here are the rules:
Thank the blogger who nominated you. Thank you Molly and Julie!
Answer the 11 Questions See below.
Nominate other sisters and pose the questions to them. Also below.
Have fun!

The Questions

1. Who is Older?
Easy peasy. I am by 10 years.

2. What's your favorite thing to do together?
We love to sit on the porch, watch people go by, and listen to the sounds of nature.

3. What is your sister's favorite food?
Melody loves lemon meringue pie.
Lanie loves chocolate!

4. What's a character trait in the other you appreciate?
Melody loves to learn and play.
Lanie has a ready laugh.

5. What's a character trait in the other you don't appreciate?
Melody can be too responsible.
Lanie worries a lot.

6. What's a hobby the other has that you don't?
Lanie gardens.
Melody plays lacrosse.

7. Who has the cleaner room?
I do. Hands down!

8. What's the biggest way in which your sister can annoy you?
Melody will spend too much time reading.
Did I mention she worries a LOT?

9. How would you describe your sister in three words?
Whimsical, responsible, thoughtful.
Green thumb goddess. (giggles)

10. How are your personalities different?
Melody thinks inside and outside the box; she kind of overthinks.
Lanie likes to be the center of attention. Can you tell she's trying to push me out of the way? (giggles)

11. Why do you love your sister?
Mel is there for me, well for all of us. She's a great big sis. Even helps me with my hair.
Lanie is caring, has a great laugh, and is always concerned with what's happening.

The Nominees

We'd love to see the following sisters participate...
Addie and Clementine from The Adventures of Steampunk Addie

Art and Eve from Carrot and Claire
Jess and Kiara from Little House of American Girl
Josefina and Fran from The Fellowship of the Dolls We know Willow is a camp counselor right now and may not be able to help Josie and Fran with this until later in the summer, but would still like to include them.

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about us. Was there anything that surprised you?

Best wishes,


  1. Now we know Lanie's secret for great curls!

    1. :-D That's right! She found those curlers or curling rods at the Dollar Tree.