Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Gifting Tea 2018

Tea for Tuesday #15

Decisions, Decisions!

Hi! What a wonderful surprise today. Xyra's boss and his wife returned from a trip to Nepal and brought tea for everyone! 
There are four blends to choose from; I think it is intended that Xyra and her coworkers each pick one, but we will clarify that.
Rhododendron tea sounds really interesting. The blend shows tea plant or black tea and rhododendron flower. 
Next is cinnamon tea. This one also shows tea plant but with cinnamon.
Rose tea has tea plant and rose petals.
Last is jasmine tea. Tea plant with jasmine flower. 
I really like how the jasmine and rhododendron show a cup of tea on the label.
Each tea blend comes in a beautiful pouch. All are so colorful. 
If we are to choose just one...part of of me is drawn to the rose tea because the pouch has the most red in it. But all of the pouches have red.
The cinnamon tea and rhododendron tea have almost all of our favorite colors in the pouch pattern. We've had cinnamon tea before. We've also had jasmine tea before. Rascal is trying to sniff them. (giggles) Not sure if he's trying to help with the decision.
But you can. Of the four blends, which do you think we should choose? Or maybe try first, if we aren't to take just one?
Thank you for your help!

[Side note: If you keep track, I changed my font! Trebuchet just doesn't do it for me anymore. Too hard to notice titles and bold text. I'm using Helvetica like Kaya now.]

À bientôt!


  1. I think the rhododendron tea sounds interesting!

    1. That may be the one. The cinnamon has been taken.