Friday, April 13, 2018

Fun Friday: Lea Factoids

Get to Know Lea

Hi! it's my turn! If you're following this post series closely and keeping count, you know I am the second last to give you my stats. I'm not super thrilled with my photo shoot, but I'll make up for it in a Model Monday sometime.
You know what? A trip is planned for next weekend so no Friday post on April 20. You'll have to wait a bit longer for the finale. 

My full name is Lea Clark Silverleaf and my birthday is April 4, 2006.
My nickname is Eelee. It has the same number of syllables as Le-a, but way more ee sounds. (giggles)

I have a fabulous cat named Camille. 
She has really soft fur and loves to cuddle and play with her feline flyer toy.
Sometime I hope to get a Truly Me doll to be my mini me and be friends with my current doll, Hailey. She's a Madame Alexander.
For my hobbies I really like reading, hiking, roller skating, taking selfies, and just having fun. Now for my favorites...


Animal: Sloth
Book: The Princess Bride. Yes, I know that is a movie, but it's the book Grampa read in the movie and it reads exactly like the movie so it's kind of like looking into a series of mirrors and never-ending reflections.
Color: Orange, especially wild tangerine.
Food: The four Ps: peas, pizza, popcorn, and pretzels
Flower: Moonflowers
Instrument: I love the flute; I also play the flute. You have to know how to breathe correctly or it's terrible.
Movie: Hidden Figures
Number: As a nod to those fabulous ladies of my favorite movie...where x is my favorite number...X=6²÷2⇒+together (giggles) I hope you got the answer 9. There are no tricks here; that's a regular equation. Want to see the work? 6x6=36÷2=18⇒1+8=9
Rock group(s): The Moody Blues, The Who, Billy Joel, Elton John, Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull The Go-Go's, Marshmello, Sia, Grace VanderWaal, Vampire Weekend, Imagine Dragons, and...Selena Gomez.
Sport: I love watching football. To play, I like field hockey, volley ball, and cheer squad.
Tea: Pomegranate oolong is awesome!
TV Show: The Goldbergs.

That's me, well, most of me. If you have a question, feel free to ask in the comment section. I have a few questions for you, please answer in the comment section. We love to hear from our readers.

  1. Which photo is your favorite? 
  2. What surprised you?
  3. What do we have in common? 

Tchau! Até mais tarde!


  1. I like the photo of you looking in the mirror. Lots of surprises--especially how much we had in common! We both play the flute. And I LOVE the Moody Blues, just bought tickets for Evil Twin and I to go see Justin Hayward in August!

  2. I've only seen a handful of The Goldbergs but it is very funny!