Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Build: April 2018

Will April Bring Spring?

Hi! how are you doing today? We may reach actual spring temperatures this week! Yay! Since the official first day of Spring we've had quite a bit of snow and wind so that even if the temperatures got up to around 50 it felt a lot colder. Easter was nice, breezy but nice; no foolin'! (giggles)
Even today the thermometer reads close to 60, but it's raining so the air is damp and chill. Anyone want grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch or dinner? Ah, well, on yet another dreary day, I'm here to show you something bright and colorful...
The April calendar build!
Here you have it. A little bit of everything you can find this April. At the base you'll find different colors of grass.
Some bulb flowers are blooming, crocus and tulips. Two representations of Easter. On this corner, the cross. 
Then we have some eggs and a small basket. A colony or nest or herd of bunnies. I think I'm going with herd because all the bunnies here are house bunnies belonging to the Friends.

The vehicle this month...we started trying to make a moving Easter basket, then Kaya got a spark and thought of a motorcar. You know, like from Meatloaf's Rail Adventures.
We put down two flats to be rails.
The row colors represent sunset. On top the birds returning to nest. 
I know, you're thinking we did the bunny and bird thing last month. Yep. True. However, they are really starting to move around now. Last month the robins were searching through the leaf cover to find food.

So that's our April calendar. Do you know why there is a chicken and a lamb as well as the bunnies?
Another question, for future builds, would you consider a wheelbarrow or skateboard to be a vehicle?

Best wishes!