Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bunnies Here and There

Tea Time

I think bunnies would like green tea best, if they drank tea. Perhaps a root tisane brewed from beet, carrot, and radish tops. Although, I'm certain the March Hare drank a regular black tea blend at the Mad Hatter's tea party. Did the White Rabbit stop to drink anything? 

Today started out with a hastily brewed cup of tea from a local convenience star. Sadly they were out of Bigelow English Teatime, so we settled for their "Standard Blend." It was okay. We would have preferred the English Teatime, beggars can't be choosers.
Hmmm, Bigelow has a tea blog called "Constant Comments." Amusing and appropriate if you know their teas. Made Xyra chuckle.

Book Time

One of Xyra's favorite books of all time is Walt Disney's Bunny Book. You can now find it as a Little Golden Book entitled Walt Disney's Grandpa Bunny. Our copy is the Big Golden Book version and it was given to Xyra by her maternal grandparents (her mom's parents).
Her daddy used to read it to her. (She loves the Hardy Boys because her mom used to read them to her then they read them together.) Anyway, in this story Grandpa Bunny teaches the little bunnies about the colors of the seasons. The illustrations are fabulous! The story is cute, funny in spots, and very touching. It's a quick read.

What's with the Bunnies?

Well, you already know about Coco and the kitties in our house, but we also have house rabbits too! The first rabbit to arrive was Razzi. Razzi was part of the Hopscotch Hill School line of products. The Hopscotch Hill line was retired in 2006. He came with a tree stump hutch, food dish with lettuce, and carrot-shaped water bottle. I love his ears!

The next bunny, Nutmeg, arrived in 2007 when AG introduced Julie Albright historical doll of 1974 and her collection. Nutmeg is a brown, lop-eared (means the ears droop down instead of up like Razzi's), rabbit with a white chest. Nutmeg arrived with a woven basket bed (not sure how that hasn't been eaten to bits by now), blue personalized cushion, and a bunch of carrots. Just adorable. [Nutmeg is still available through AG in Julie's Collection.]

The last bunny, Lulu, arrived with Lanie in 2010 (Lanie's story is a future post). She is a tan, lop-eared bunny. On of her great talents is being harnessed trained to walk or hop on a lead. Not an easy feat. I'm surprised the harness hasn't been chewed to bits.

I also have a stuffed rabbit - it's a tiny, yellow, Boyd's bunny. Super soft and cuddly. (Plush is also a topic for another day.)

That's it for our bunnies. Have you spotted any of our other animals in previous posts? I promise to tell you about them in the future.

Reminder: When you have pets, you need to be responsible for their health and well being. Be gentle when caring for them. Keep them fed and cleaned and their living area clean too.

Have a great day. 
Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, and Lanie
(Xyra too)

PS. These are Xyra's bunnies Digger and Flash.

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