Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring is Springing II

More from the Garden!

Lanie, Kaya, and Kirsten kind of had a fit after yesterday’s post. Especially Lanie, she said we missed a lot and wants to show you what she found out in the garden with Kaya & Kirsten. So off we go…back to the garden. Well, they went. I stayed in to find a new outfit to wear.


Lanie ran out the door as quick as she could and right to the white ruffled tulips.

This is what they look like inside…see the ruffle? Very delicate and pretty. 

Now the really tall red tulip from yesterday looks like this inside.

Completely different, right? We were trying to figure out if we could see a face or an animal in that pattern. What do you think?
Next she went to check out the bleeding heart plant.
See how the tiny white flowers are heart shaped. You can see three branches filled with the blooms, but there are two more that are not in the picture.
Then she sat and watched a bumble bee pollinate the azalea; diligently moving from flower to flower.
It took a while to get this picture. Xyra would have the bumble all lined up and ready to click then it was off to another flower and out of the frame. Eventually we got two good shots. You can’t see it, but his legs are covered in yellow pollen.

Lanie found three more ruffled tulips. These two are right in a row. She really likes how the one shows just a hint of pink.

[Lanie is concerned about her frizzy hair, but she’s afraid to try some of the techniques we’ve seen on YouTube.]


Kirsten went straight to the green and white hosta.
Unfortunately, she pointed out that this is really the spot that needs the most weeding. It’s hard to keep the grass out of this section of garden.


Kaya found the purples.
In the foreground is creeping vinca. It’s really pretty here, but spreads wildly through underground runners. To the right those long, green leaves indicate where Irises will bloom in the future. Finally, the tiny almost white looking flower is creeping phlox. It’s beautiful.

[The kitten is really doing a number on Kaya’s braids. Xyra hopes she is up to the challenge of rebraiding.]

Kaya & Kirsten

This is a great view.
You can see how the vinca is spreading through the garden. Kirsten is standing behind a corabelle plant. It will get pretty pink flowers that last a loooooonnnnnnggggggg time.

We hope you enjoyed the second installment of our garden tour.
Best wishes,
Melody Q., Kaya, Kirsten, and Lanie

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