Friday, May 31, 2013

Superfruit & Super Cute

New Tea Flavor Today!

We have a new tea flavor to tell you about. It's a Zhena's Gypsy rooibos called Acai Berry: Herbal Superfruit Tea.

This is the description from the can: "Prized for its healthful benefits, lush Brazilian Acai berry is blended with antioxidant rich South African Rooibos and enriched with the bright lively notes of lemongrass, mandarin orange, and juicy peach. Hibiscus flowers from Egypt produce a naturally sweet and satisfying cup abundant in health promoting properties." [Note:  I'm reading what is on the can and not making or supporting any claims.] And almost anyone can drink it as it is caffeine free, fair trade, gluten free, kosher, organic, and vegan.

Brewing instructions: bring water to a full boil, pour over sachet, let steep 3 - 5 minutes. For iced tea, use 2 sachets and pour over ice after steeping.

We made hot this morning. Let it steep 4 minutes. Added no sugar or milk. It was really good!

Now, as it cooled the flavor morphed so I'm not sure I'd like it iced. However, I'm willing to try it using their directions. It could be better when iced right and not just let to get cold over time. One of the flavors sticks out might be the licorice root.


First the answer to that last poll! The question asked the name of the ship on which the Larsons traveled from Sweden to America. The Eagle

The new way we'll do the trivia is as a statement or "did you know" style question.
Did you know that while Molly's father was in England treating wounded soldiers her mother volunteered everyday at the Red Cross?

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Did you know the American Red Cross was established by Clara Barton on May 21, 1881. The organization is still helping people today.

More Hopscotch Hill

When AG was retiring the Hopscotch Hill line there was another set we brought into our menagerie. The Duckling Incubater. This is Coconut and I watching over the incubator and newly hatched ducklings.
There are three eggs in a tub with a lid and light.  Then they hatch and you have three cute ducklings.
They're too cute!


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