Thursday, June 6, 2013

To Squeeze or Not To Squeeze

Yikes! Really? Controversy Over This?!

In researching this next tea item I found very strong opinions with regards to tea bags and accessories for their use. Here at Tea Time with Melody Q we respect every tea drinker's right to brew and drink tea in the way they like best. So if you only drink loose leaf tea that's great; and if you always drink tea bag tea that's great too. Some like their tea super weak and others super strong. Some take honey and lemon while others prefer milk and sugar and still others take nothing in their tea at all. That being said, if you find a suggestion here laughable...go ahead and laugh, but please be respectful and do not leave mean comments.

Getting To It

Access to loose leaf tea is growing in the USA, but still not all local grocery stores carry it. And if you are stopping at a convenience store for something to drink you are definitely not going to find anything other than tea bags at the coffee station. Tea bags and sachets are easiest to get, transport, and use.

What To Do With the Tea Bag?

You've boiled your water, poured it over the tea bag, and let it steep the recommended amount of time. You lift it out of your mug...then what? Well, there are several options:
  1. Walk it over to the trash can catching drips with your other hand and toss it.
  2. Walk it over to the kitchen compost bin (in the same manner as #1).
  3. Drop it on a saucer or tea bag holder to use again later.
  4. Squeeze the remaining drops into your cup and do any of the above 3.

If you opt for number 4 there are several ways to squeeze your tea bag:
  1. Wrap the string around the bag and your spoon and tug gently (you don't want to cut it open).
  2. Press the bag against the side of your cup while dredging the bag out.
  3. Pick the bag out of your cup using a tea bag squeezer.

What is a Tea Bag Squeezer or Holder?

These are very nifty devices. The most important of the two is the tea bag holder. Mugs do not have a saucer, so the holder gives you a place to put your tea bag if you choose to use it again or if you aren't right next to a trash or compost receptacle. We have two at home. One is a pretty clear green glass plate and the other is shaped like a tea pot with a pineapple on it. Xyra has one on her desk at work that looks like a pink tea bag. [Argh! I can't find the one picture. Will make it part of tomorrow's post. :) ]

At home (and at her office) the tea bag squeezers are those claw like things. They are from Tupperware and work wonderfully. 

But you can get others that look like this.

Travel Season!

People travel all year long, but a lot of families wait to travel until school is on a break. Summer break (or holiday as it is known in England) is right around the corner. In fact, some schools have already graduated their seniors and are packing up the underclassmen. Turn in your books, clean out your desks or lockers, and head for home.

Where Do You Travel?

Some people go to the shore (beach), others the mountains, others find a lake or river, and still others visit all sorts of places like amusement parks, national parks, historical sites, etc. Next week we are headed to the Coolspring Power Museum. It's a great place filled with antique engines used to power literally the world. I hope to have some great posts for you after we return. Until then...well, for being a power museum Internet is not important, so I'll be disconnected for a bit.

This picture shows me getting ready for a trip. [Not to Coolspring - gear for that is more along the lines of camping and hiking.] I'm wearing the Go Anywhere Outfit. My suitcase (released in 2005 and retired in 2007) and back pack are packed and ready to go. So is Coconut with her carrier. My backpack matches the carrier and Felicity fits in it too!

Do you take a stuffed animal with you when you travel? I do. Lately I've been taking my green monkey. You'll recognize it from Jess's collection (her travel accessories). She was the 2006 American Girl of the Year. I loved her story!

I should have one more post for you this week. After that, don't look for anything new until June 17 (unless a miracle happens).

Have a great night.

Best wishes,
Melody, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, & Xyra

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