Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coolspring Day 3 Plus

Actually Day Two Into Day Three

Bad Weather

Wednesday everyone was tracking the weather for overnight and Thursday. It was supposed to be BAD. The line crossing the Midwest included severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, and flash flooding. To be on the safe side, the Hvids outside the Power Tech Annex were moved into the annex and Xyra moved me from the tent to the truck for overnight.
After preparations were set it was off to the Snow for another late show.

Overnight, there were big thunderstorms with lots of rain and lightening and thunder, but the rest seemed to bypass Coolspring; which is a-okay with any tent dweller.

Day 3 Plan B

It was still raining Thursday morning and, actually, on and off all day. So I stayed in the truck and read. Caught up on my magazines and got through one of two books.

I’m wearing the Wildflower Pajamas; got to stay in them until Saturday. My sleeping bag and pillow are quite warm and cozy too. I’ll tell you more about them in Friday’s post.

While I was reading and staying dry, Xyra was out taking pictures of engines. Here are a few from that day.

A Jones Oil Engine arrived.

The 18 hp twin ran some more.

A great little Bull Dog

A 20 hp St Mary’s.

This Parmeco is so very quiet.

Book Review

The book I finished that day is The Secret School by Avi. (Xyra read it after I did…on the ride home.)

The books is set in rural Colorado in 1925. (That’s after Samantha but before Kit.) The children of the area all gather each day in a one room schoolhouse. The one teacher teaches all the kids from kindergarten through eighth grade. She covers subjects like reading, writing, grammar, penmanship, mathematics, history, geography, spelling, science, and much more.

The students have to get their all by themselves, there are no buses  So Ida (age 14) and her brother (age 7) drive their family’s Model T car 5 miles to the school. Ida’s friend Tom and his sister Mary ride their family’s mule 7 miles to school. The other students walk however long from their houses.

Ida and Tom are in eighth grade and are set to graduate at the end of the year. If they pass their exams they could go to high school. Apparently, k-12 isn’t guaranteed to them. In fact, even if Ida passes she might not get to go to high school because the school is in another town and she has to find room and board so she can stay there. That costs money their family doesn’t have. All the money is focused on keeping the sheep farm running. Tom is in a similar situation, but he wants to build and invent things.

Near the end of the school year the teacher’s mother gets sick and needs the teacher to stay with her. So she leaves. The school board doesn’t have time to find a replacement and doesn’t see the need to do so. That means all the students have to repeat the school year.

Tom and Ida are upset. So are the others. Tom suggests that Ida continue teaching the rest of the year. That’s when the fun begins. Ida learns a lot about teaching, working on her own schoolwork, keeping up with her farm chores, and much more. Her concern for a fellow student trashes the secret and a whole new set of challenges arise.

This story was really cool. If you’ve ever played school…this goes to a whole new level. It was a fun read too. There could have been a bit more detail with regards to the lifestyle and daily happenings in this area of the country at that time, but it was still good. The main thing you do learn about life in 1925 is just how different school was back then.

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Best wishes,

Ps. Don't forget if you want more information on the power museum go to their website.

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