Thursday, June 27, 2013

Exciting Stuff - "Window" Shopping

What? Two Posts in One Day?!

Yep! While I was looking over Molly's collection and making a wishlist (slightly bigger than I thought), I realized that the new items mentioned Hanna and over at Doll Diaries are ON the website! Very cool! So I thought you might like to do a little "window" shopping. It's 6 months to Christmas and Hanukkah. :)

There are 6 pages of new things. My favorites include: Mix and Match Outfit Collection (it includes accessories), Science Set, Sleep & Snack Pet Bed, Witch Costume, Silver Stitch Hoody, Cadet Cap, Mini Tote (Xyra likes the larger version, but believes a Thirty-One Organizing Utility Tote would work just as well), Bright Highlights, Tropical Bloom Outfit, and Stackable Lunch Set.

There is also a new eCatalogue to page through.

Remember it's best to shop with your parents so they get an idea of your wish list, but wish lists are not must have lists or will get lists. Perhaps you can save up your allowance for your very favorite item or earn a bit more by doing extra chores around the house.

I really like looking at the catalog and website and dreaming, but also know that much will not join my collection. That's okay. I'm just as happy with or without.

Best wishes,

Ps. I'm looking forward to sharing this catalog with my sisters!

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