Thursday, June 27, 2013

Molly McIntyre 1944

Molly Trivia:  Meet Molly

Mrs. Gilford, the housekeeper, told Molly that refusing to eat her turnips and wasting food was unpatriotic.

Molly & Emily's Retirement

The American Girl website has updated and includes a block on the home page that notes "Say Farewell to Molly & Emily."
I've been thinking about it and will have to look again at Molly's collection to see if there is anything else we would like before it is gone. (Don't forget to get your parents approval before shopping. And a wish list is not a must have list.) That sent me back to our wardrobe. We do already have one Molly item - her saddle shoes. They arrived in a red star box with a Summer Fun Molly book..

The shoes look perfect with this craft show dress.

The plaid dress has a white peter pan collar, white cuffs, and a matching headband. It was found at a craft show at Frederick Living. I think one of the residents was making clothes for her granddaughter and decided to make more. 

The dress is a little loose fitting, but not bad. There are a couple unfinished edges that will eventually be problematic, but they can be fixed easily enough.

Reminder, you can make your own clothes and not rely completely on AG, craft shows, etc. Find a good pattern you like and material. If you have your own model, she can also be your dressmaker's dummy. [See examples of dress forms in earlier post.]

Which Molly & Emily collection items do you like best?

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