Saturday, June 22, 2013

Coolspring Day 5: Last Day

Time to Pack Up and Head Home

What a sad day! We all encounter them...the end of the slumber party when you have to go home to your regular chores (and sometimes pesky siblings). This is more like the last day of camp when you pack up, exchange addresses/e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and say good-bye to friends you may not see until next summer.

We started the day with another fabulous breakfast from Villela Meats (if you live near Punxatawny, I strongly suggest you visit them. They are at 797 Graffius Avenue) then started to pack up. BUT there was still time for a few more pictures.

300 hp Miller

I mentioned earlier that our tent was behind Nate Lillibridge Station. The 300 hp Miller housed in the building runs at special times (and it's not the only engine in the building). These are the running times.
This is the engine.

Windy City

Another really cool engine is the Windy City.
Check out those flames in the background. That's illuminating gas. (Click "Jargon" on the left, then scroll down to find the definition.)
Everyone knows when this engine is running even if they are way across the field. It's hard to explain why, but has to do with the "stack music." (Click "Jargon" on the left, then scroll down to find the definition.)

DeLeVergne Hornsby-Akaroyd

Now you can see what I mean about this engine. 

Starting it.

The flyball governor is just above my head. (Click "Jargon" on the left, then scroll down to find the definition.)

Smaller Engines

You might be thinking that all the engines at the museum are huge. Not so.This is the 4 hp St. Mary's.
And there are others that are smaller yet...even models or engines.

Another Great Treat

One of the best, extra activities available at the museum...homemade ice cream!
The volunteers use the engines to crank the ice cream churn.

Then the finished ice cream is brought to the servers who scoop like crazy to fill cups for the people in line.
It's a long need to be patient and not worry about what flavor is available. Unless you are allergic to something ALL the flavors are fabulous. 
Between Thursday and Saturday we had Maple Nut, Oreo, Chocolate/Strawberry (half & half is allowed), and Butter Pecan. We missed Peach and Blueberry. They also make Vanilla. YUMMY!

Back Home

We headed out around 2 and got home around 7. It was still light out, so I watched the sun set from the front porch.
It was good to see my sisters and all our pets. But I do miss our Coolspring friends.

Camping Equipment

Sleeping Bag

My sleeping bag is so easy to pack. It's the version available from 2007-2011. It folds into a built-in zipper pouch and my pillow fits inside too. This is how it looks packed.


The Wildflower Pajamas I wore were available from 2009-2010. the set included green fuzz slippers that almost match my monkey.

That's all for today.
Best Wishes!

Ps. Don't forget to check out all the great exhibits and information on the Coolspring Power Musuem website. It's One Powerful Museum!

Pps. I forgot to add the cover of The Demon in the Teahouse. If you should want to look for it...I got mine at Books-A-Million in the bargain rack.

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