Monday, June 17, 2013

Coolspring Day 1

We’re back in the land of the Internet connected!

Last Monday at this time, Xyra and I were cleaning and packing for the trip to Coolspring Power Museum in Coolspring, PA. [Coolspring is between Punxatawny and Brookeville. It has a population of 150.] Let's jump ahead to Tuesday.

We left shortly after 8 in the morning (travel cup of hot tea in hand) and headed west. After driving 5 hours we arrived at the Coolspring Power Museum.

Note: When you go to places where machinery is working you need to follow the rules and be careful. Stay a safe distance from moving parts, observe any rope barriers, and wear proper attire (I wore safety shoes/work boots all week long).

Once there we found a great little spot among a few trees behind the Nate Lillibridge Station (or Miller building) and Xyra set up the tent. We had great neighbors.

The lamb you can see in the first picture is came from Coolspring a couple of years ago. It wears a Coolspring tee shirt and is named Bella. Those in the know will understand why. I brought my green monkey with me. Felicity stayed at home.

Then we were off to visit with friends and take a few more pictures.

This is one of three engines we brought to show. It is a 9hp (horsepower) Hoag oil engine. An engine’s horsepower indicates how much power and force and energy is created. The larger the hp, the bigger the engine, the greater power generated. At least that’s how I understand it…the definitions I found were slightly confusing.

An oil engine is designed to use kerosene for fuel. Click here then click the “Jargon” tab on the left of the page and scroll down for more details about oil engines.

After dinner from Villela Meats we headed up the hill to see the museum’s long-term project…the 600 hp Snow. 

This type of engine was used to pump natural gas through pipelines from one place to another. It is 65 feet long and has an 18 foot diameter flywheel that alone weighs 20 tons. The full engine weighs in at approximately 140 tons.

While we waited, I pretended to drive Professor M’s retired postal vehicle. It’s really cool! Then I found a comfy spot in a golf cart.

When everything was lined up properly they started the engine…WOW! Was it cool and it sounded great! Like a techno song…pass out the glow sticks! Xyra has moved the Snow to the top of her favorite engines list.

That was it for our first day. More to come! Check back tomorrow!

Best wishes,

Ps. There isn't a lot of room so only one of us could go along. 

If you’re interested in more details than I can give about the museum or the engines I urge you to visit the CPM website and their exhibits page. Better yet, head on over to the museum itself. The next open days are July 20 & 21.

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