Thursday, June 20, 2013

Coolspring Day 4!

Another Day in the Truck 

The weather was GORGEOUS! However, I stayed in the truck. Why? Well, the museum was really busy. That’s a very good thing. Xyra thought it to be more prudent to keep me from the crowds, just in case I got lost. That would not be good. So I got to read another book and learn a few things to share with you about tea. Before we get to that, let’s take care of other business.

Food Update

Oh, I forgot to mention that Wednesday’s dinner (Cheeseburger with sauce on a long roll…drool worthy.) and Thursday’s breakfast were from Villela Meats at the food court. Super yummy. Thursday’s dinner was with our “neighbors.” Jodie made these really tasty chicken sandwiches and had raw veggies and chips on the side. My dessert was a graham cracker sandwich with chocolate frosting inside. (Xyra’s Aunt Lanie does something similar with Nilla wafers.)

This morning we started with breakfast at Villela’s Meats. Lunch (Cheese steak with sauce…also drool worthy.) was there too. Dinner was the Community Center spaghetti dinner. A big plate of spaghetti with sauce and two meatballs, salad, dessert, and a drink.


With it being so nice a LOT of engines were running. These are some of what Xyra caught with the camera. These were down on Exhibitor’s Row with the Bull Dog.

A “horse & a half” (1½ hp) Thermoil U

A 2½ hp Burnoil

A Petter S

Back at the Annex
After some fine tuning over the past few days, the 18 hp twin is chugging along smoothly. It ran all day long; I could see it from the truck most of the time.

Here you can see how they start or “crank” the engines.

This is an 8 hp (I'm sorry I don't remember what brand Hvid).

After the spaghetti supper we went to presentation on the History and Development of Oil Engines. Professor M was in charge. It was a really great presentation. Xyra took quite a few notes. She snapped this candid on the way out of the church.

Book Review

The Demon in the Teahouse by Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler

This is book two in a series and I have not read the first. The good thing is that this story did stand alone well. I didn't need to know what happened last time to understand what was going on this time.

The main character is a boy. Reading from his point of view was something new for me. Add in thact this is historical fiction set in Japan during the 1700s…saying I learned a lot is just the tip of the iceberg.

To be honest, it seems that the olden days weren’t much different whether you lived in Europe or the Far East. If you were born into a certain level of society that is where you stayed until you died. Seikei is able to shift from the merchant class to train as a samurai by having Judge Ooka adopt him as his son. It is a difficult transition and when the story opens we see Seikei struggling with his training.

When Judge Ooka and his troops are sent to Edo to fight fires, Seikei goes along. It turns out there is more to these fires than meets the eye – murder is also found, not one but three Geishas have been killed. So Ooka and Seikei set out to solve the mystery and discover the demon causing such troubles.

Speaking of Tea

Tea Quote

“I hope you like Earl Grey. I find it a soothing treat in the middle of the afternoon.” ~ Mrs. Roth Chapter Five of Chapter & Hearse by Lorna Barrett

Tea Fact

White tea is very delicate. Never use boiling water; use water between 170 and 185 degrees. Steep only 2-4 minutes.

More tomorrow!

Best wishes,


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