Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If You Go To Costco...


Today's Tea Fact

Green tea, like white tea, is delicate and should not be steeped in boiling water. Instead your water should be 160 - 175 degrees F. Steeping should last anywhere between 1 - 3 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea. 

I have also read that green tea is best sweetened with a little bit of honey and that you should not leave a spoon in the cup while steeping.

Green tea has been used to make a very refreshing ice cream. I've had some and loved it.

What's at Your Costco?

Costco (if you aren't familiar) is one of many warehouse markets that require membership to shop there. Others include BJ's and Sam's Club.

If you live near a Costco and your family is a member, be sure you check out the books section each time you shop. You never know what American Girl items may be found there. A few months ago I reported on the pet sets there - now Hanna has mentioned seeing  the Innerstar University boxed book sets at hers. So we went back to ours to see what we could find.

We found four fun activity kits!

The ones in the pile included: Doll Hair Salon; Doll School; Doll Tees; and Scribble, Squiggle, & Sketch. Each "do-it-yourself" kit includes a book of instructions and suggestions on how to use the supplies provided.

The Doll Hair Salon has a brush, pick, spary bottle, and Hair Studio DVD/disc. Here is a glimpse:

The Doll Tees includes two tee shirts and felt to finish designing tee shirts for your doll. Here is a glimpse:

The Doll School...that had a LOT to it that seemed really interesting. This is a sneak peek, but I'll do a full feature on it in the near future...I'm thinking closer to back to school time...summer just started!

The Scribble, Squiggle, and Sketch one was neat too. It would be good on a summer afternoon. Here is a glimpse.

Trivia Time: Changes for Molly

Molly auditions for the part of Miss Victory and gets the part. She is super excited, but then can't perform because she gets sick on the day of the show.

That's all for today. Hope you are having a good day.

Best wishes,

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