Thursday, May 16, 2013

Junior Bridesmaid

Happy Anniversary!

I’ve been so excited about today and this post!

I so want to show off this one outfit and tell you the story. :-)

In 2002 Xyra saw this outfit and had to have it! The Junior Bridesmaid Outfit. It was released in 2002 and retired in 2004. Other bridesmaid and special occasion style gowns have followed, but this one is the most special because I got to be part of a wedding on May 16, 2003. Well, a reception. (Xyra is still looking to see if anyone got a picture of me that day. So in the meantime these will have to do.)
The dress is two pieces—an ankle-length skirt and beaded bodice in pale green taffeta. The skirt has knife pleats at the waist and an attached petticoat exposed at the hem. The tank-style bodice has detailed sleeves, a v-point waist, and delicate floral embellishment (we like to watch Project Runway sometimes…I remember some phrases. :-) ). To complete the outfit…a pair of white, patent leather, t-strap shoes; hair comb with peach and white flowers; and pearl necklace.
This is one of those outfits where you must get the accessories to complete the look. Xyra did! The Flowers and Favors accessory kit included my bouquet (a nosegay), flower girl basket with rose petal sachets, bubbles, a chocolate cake, porcelain plate, and a gift box with a pearl bracelet that matched my necklace.

Now back to wearing it for real and being a part of something so special. I suppose I am a day early since the reception was May 17, 2003.

The wedding reception was at a tourist railroad. I got to hangout in the “waiting room” of the station and watch over the gifts. The one corner had a great spot for me and small gifts, then larger gifts were placed on the benches that lined the two adjacent walls. I had a great view.

The weather was cool and overcast, but I didn’t mind. Someone had to keep the gifts safe. :-) Plus I wasn’t alone, a beautiful white bunny kept me company.

Tea Note

If you are planning a bridal shower, a tea party is a fun way to go. For the best selection of teas, you’ll want to include decaffeinated and herbals. Plus, I suppose there are those that will prefer coffee (blech!). To make it special you can search flea markets, swap meets, and yard sales for tea cups with saucers, tea pots, and sugar & creamer sets. The cups & saucers can be favors for your guests. This idea works for a Bride’s Luncheon as well.

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