Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring is Springing!

Hello, lovelies!

Happy May Day! Happy Lei Day!

Good News! I can still stand on my own! I fell once, but not bad!

Today I’m taking you on a garden tour to see just how much things have been growing around here. It’s more and more beautiful with stunning spring colors and blooms getting bigger and better and more abundant.

Remember where I was standing over by the wall near the fern shoots? Well, look at them and the tulip and the hosta!

These shoots are for an “Elvis Lives” hosta. Xyra found it at a garden nursery and HAD to have it. The leaves are a solid dark green and the flowers a beautiful shade of purple (gardening magazines call it blue).

Remember that tulip that was in front of Lanie? Check it out now! This section has a few very pretty white & green striped hosta. We need to get out there and do some weeding and remove “soldier” saplings.

There wasn’t much where Kaya and Kirsten were standing, but just around the corner is another story. (This is where I fell. Uneven ground is tricky.) 

This section also needs the most weeding. That plant just behind me to the left (you can see two similar plants to my right) is not bad to look at, however, it spreads like crazy through underground running roots, attracts ants, AND gets those weird, barbed seed pods that grab and stick to everything! We've been trying to get rid of these for years. Not doing too bad at it. There are fewer each year.

Anyway, the hosta (striped leaf) is lovely, the sedum (that’s the one behind me with the little green leaves) is nice & full, and that one on the right near the wall will eventually get dark purple flowers. J What I really wanted to show you from this section is that the sedum was sparkling! Check this out… 

See what looks like clear rocks? Those are rain drops that haven’t evaporated! Cool, huh?

Let’s go around to the corner of the house. 
There is another type of hosta in front of me. I can also see what will eventually become daisies (one of my favorite flowers) and these yellow tulips.

That’s it for today’s garden tour. Hope you enjoyed the view! J 

Best wishes,
Melody Q

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