Thursday, May 23, 2013

Help & Play

Is your family looking to help those in need in Oklahoma? The following organizations are hard at work in Monroe, OK.

American Red Cross

Salvation Army


Operation USA

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief

Feed the Children

Samaritan's Purse

Save the Children

Operation Blessing International

For more information see USAToday
And if you want to help the animals affected by the tornadoes, check for information at the AnimalRescue Site

Our Normal Routine

It was really dark this morning so Kirsten insisted we have her favorite bread and lingonberry preserves for breakfast. Lingonberries are native to Sweden and are very much like our cranberries, but smaller. We found this jar of preserves at Home Goods. However, IKEA was where Xyra was introduced to lingonberry juice and other products.

Breakfast was really tasty. The brown sugar melts on the cereal and creates a bit of a shell on top but syrup along the edges. Here is Kirsten finishing off her bread and jam.
Kirsten’s plate and cup are part of the American Girl Crafts line. The Petite Party Settings set. We found that at Michael’s craft store. The set includes 4 cups, placemats, and plates.

After breakfast I darted outside to look at the azaleas. I had thought our azaleas were done blooming, but the one in front is just starting. Doesn’t it look beautiful?
I’m wearing the Licorice Play Outfit today. It is a bit warm for the sleeves, but I can push them up.

The Licorice Play Outfit was added to the catalog in 2007. You could buy it up through 2009 – then it was retired.

This is an older picture it shows the lunch kit. I love the lunch kit with Licorice’s picture on it. However, in neither photo am I wearing the headband. It’s really pretty and matches the outfit perfectly.

This picture shows the Coconut & Friend Carrier. It was available from 2007 through 2008. Coconut and Licorice fit nicely inside. Yes, that is Coconut not Cocoa; you can tell by the collar. [I still miss Coconut.]

Have a great day and night!
Melody Q (& Xyra too)

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