Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mini Adventure #9

A Fun Find

Felicity, Rebecca

What's in the Box?

Caramelotta, what did you find?
What is it, Felicity?
Oh, Rebecca, come and help.
(panting, tail wagging) Yip, yip.
The box says her name is Holly.
Would you mind helping me out of here?
Oh, sure. hang on.
That's better.
I'm Felicity and...
I'm Rebecca.
Nice to meet you. I'm Holly.
You have a lovely outfit.
(spinning) Thank you.
Cute shoes. May I try them on.
They look cute on you.
Do you like tea?
You bet.
We'll be great friends!


This is Holly in her box. There is no plastic window.
The back has the blurb.
Close up of Holly. She has a lovely face. Pretty green eyes.
Here you can see the bands that hold her in place.

Out of the box.
Her hair will need to be brushed. (But later.) She does have the enlongated neck that many have, but not too bad. Thankfully her legs are the same length.

Who do you think Holly will belong to?

Best wishes,


  1. Holly is very cute! She will fit in great!

  2. I think Holly should belong to Haley. (It sounds like they kinda have the same name). Hey Melody, did you and your friends go to camp this year? I'm writing to you from camp, and my friend Melody is in my cabin, The Blue Jays.

    1. The names do sound similar. :-)
      We did go to camp, but we haven't' had time to get our pictures sorted out. (You know Photo Mat can be slow sometimes.) Glad to hear you had a friend in your cabin; that makes everything much more fun. It's also neat to hear of others who share my name - like a club.

  3. I wish I could get a One Generation mini doll, but they're not at my target yet :(

    1. The operative term is "yet." Be patient, you'll find one eventually. :)

  4. She's adorable! Lulu and I like her outfit, especially the top. Happy to hear that she is a fan of tea! :)

    1. Her outfit is cute. Both Felicity and Rebecca are eager to try it on.