Thursday, August 28, 2014

BeForever Kaya

American Girl BeForever Release

Xyra, Kaya

Changes for Kaya

Hi! Like all of you I had to check out the new BeForever at American Girl with particular interest in the changes to Kaya. I won't be posting any pictures, but will give you links directly to Kaya's American Girl webpages.


The one thing I did notice is that BFKaya's face is much more round. Otherwise, she is still her beautiful self. Yay!

Mini Doll

I've never been a huge fan of the Kaya mini doll (please don't throw stones - something about her eyes bothered me - or her face was too round). The new BeForever Kaya Mini Doll is definitely different. It makes me laugh because the new mini doll's face is longer than the 18" doll's new face. This one is cute. I wish they had cut the fringe on her dress thinner and shorter.


The major change in her can no longer get the bedroll with out the teepee. The new Teepee and Bedroll set costs $150. I am glad that I got her bedroll a couple of years ago. We do not have space for her teepee. Too bad, it would be fun to have.


Tatlo lovers...Tatlo is still available! They have changed the name of the set from Tatlo and Travois to Kaya's Dog, Tatlo and Gear. The punctuation is wrong. Should be "Kaya's Dog, Tatlo, and Gear." Oh, well. Honestly, I can not say for certain if the price changed; $36 doesn't seem to high for this set. So happy Tatlo is still in the collection, for now.

Accessories & Furniture

With the exception of the bedroll teepee combination, it doesn't seem as if Kaya has lost or gained very much. I would like to add Steps High and Sparks Flying to our stable, but would settle for Kaya's saddle. We will definitely be adding the Powwow Hair Set of Today in the near future. Love it!


Again, no new clothes for BeForever Kaya. However, there is promise of a new outfit - a modern outfit for girls is shown and is really cool! But it's only available for girls right now. I hope the doll version is released soon. I wonder how much it will cost? I love it! Steps High on a graphic tank - cool!

Other Observations

I really like that they have not changed her moccasin style. While the design can be a challenge to get on and off, they are much more authentic than those included with the jingle dress. With all the talk I was afraid Kaya would lose her Deerskin Outfit; I have always wanted it, but put it off. I finally bought that a couple of months ago, just in case. Really? why haven't I tried it on yet? We'll do that soon. Nice!

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  1. The new Kaya is still really cute. I like her round face. I don't really think the mini doll looks like her though, but she is still cute.

    1. She is. I completely agree that the new BeForever Kaya is still very cute. Also agree about the mini doll. :)