Monday, August 11, 2014

Goschenhoppen 2014 Part 2

Lanie's Goschenhoppen Story Continues

Lanie, Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Melody, 2 or more, Xyra

Arrival and Set Up

The first thing we did when we got to the festival grounds was to set up the butter demonstration area. I found a nice bench and watched Xyra do all the heavy lifting.
Is that Xyra's bonnet by your foot?
Yes, I kept it safe.
When all was ready, I helped decorate the table with the butter presses.
How do the pitchers help in churning butter?
They catch the buttermilk that is left after churning and make pouring samples easier.
Did you try the buttermilk?
Yes, it's not bad, but I was told the fresh churned is nothing like the kind found in the grocery store.
[Feel free to ask questions about any of the tools on the table.
Just leave your questions in a comment below.]

Off to the Garden

Then we went to check out my favorite place.
How can you have a favorite place when you haven't been there before?
There was a huge garden.
Lots of vegetables planted here including Dragon Tongue Beans.
Dragon Tongue Beans?
Yes, it's a type of wax bean that when ready to pick has purple stripes.
Right next to that was a whole row of juddekaersche or ground cherries.
Ground cherries?
Yeah. The fruit is the size of a cherry, but they have cute wrappers. 
You pop them out and they look and taste a bit like tomatoes.
What do you do with them?
Well, I've heard Nana Kestrel talk about ground cherry pie before. She really likes it.
Then I saw the wooly mint. We have some of that growing here at home.
There were gourds and squash and herbs and POTATOES.
I love potatoes. (murmured agreement)
I started thinking about baked potatoes after seeing these.
I'm thinking about potato candy after seeing that picture.
Oh, we'll get to the potato candy.
[The finale or Goschenhoppen 2014 post series wrap up
will be potato candy with instructions.]

Tuning Up

What else did you see?
Well, near the garden was the organ builder.
Gramma Enne would love that.
Yes, she would!
These are the pipes they were making.
The metal ones are on the left and wooden ones are on the right.
This is the organ they were putting the pipes into.
Was it done?
No, they were still adding pipes. The entire back would be filled when they were done.

That's all for today. Come back again to hear more about Lanie's trip to the Goschenhoppen Folk FestivalDon't forget if you have any questions, please leave them in a comment.

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  1. Aaah, potatoes. Today we did up like 10 rows of them in the hot sun.. Soooo much work!

  2. Awesome. I really like making butter, but I've never made it in a churn before. I just shake cream in a jar. The garden seems amazing, it has things I've never heard of before growing in it. Also, the organ seemed really cool. Can't wait for your next post!!!!

    1. Fresh butter tastes so good, doesn't it?

      There was a festival year a long time ago when it was so hot we couldn't use the churn...the butter would melt as soon as it formed so we used mason jars and shook it.

  3. Gramma Enne made ground cherry pies that Xyra has eaten when she was a little girl. Very tasty but a bit tart. They are only available in the east.

    1. :) It's fun to pop them out of the little paper shells.