Saturday, August 30, 2014

School Supplies

School Bags

Who do you think carries each bag? (There is one extra.) Everyone should get one right. ;-)

School Lunch

Who do you think takes which lunch and who buys?

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  1. Hmmmm...

    Well, I know Lainie has her own book bag, and she buys her lunch. I think Melody has the purple knapsack, and she has the pony lunch box. I think Kaya has the Star bag and buys her lunch. I think Kirsten has the red buckle book bag like Molly, and the red lunch box. Haley has the Scottie dog book bag and the box lunch.

    I have that same red buckle book bag, but my name is in the slot, and I have a Peanuts (Charlie Brown) lunch box. I know that when we get back from camp, some of my friends are going lunch box shopping, 'cos they've been buying their lunch.

    1. Hmmm, interesting thoughts on the supplies.

      I love Charlie Brown! I bet that is a great lunch box. By Aladdin, right? With the matching thermos inside? What's your favorite lunch to take?

    2. For the first day of school, I'm taking a ham and cheese sandwich, an apple, Fritos corn chips, 3 Twinkies, (my mom lets me take an extra one to break in half and share with 2 friends), and a thermos full of Strawberry Hawaiian Punch!

      My friend Lisa wants a Peanuts lunch box, too. I wonder if she'll find one at Woolworth?

    3. Fabulous lunch. Every now and then Ding Dongs and Devil Dogs make it into the lunchbox. And sometimes Tastykake chocolate cupcakes or jelly or butterscotch krimpets. So yummy, but only available in PA.

      Love shopping at Woolworth!

  2. For the bags: Kaya, Kirsten, Nobody, Haley, Lanie, Melody
    For the lunches: Kaya has My Little Pony, Melody has the box lunch, Haley has the red lunch.