Thursday, December 31, 2015

GMA AG GOTY 2016 Reveal

First Real Look

Girl of the Year 2016

Lea Clark!

Grace, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more

I'm so excited.

Where's Haley?
Sleeping in today.
Should we wake her?
No, she's not feeling well.
Shh. Shh.
Here they go!

Oh, my goodness! 
She's really cool!
(lots of overlapping chatter)

Did you get to see the reveal? Are you excited to see more from Lea? Do you think she'll join your family?

Melody Side Note
The first time I got new sisters they arrived in back to back years. Kaya and Kirsten in 2009 then Lanie in 2010. It's funny the same may happen again.

Xyra Note
Yes, Grace just arrived and I love her. She is special to me because my maternal grandmother was named Grace and she enjoyed baking. She also had beautiful dark hair that turned to lovely silver. (Although it was curly and a lot shorter.) As Melody said above, Lanie joined the family the year after Kaya and Kirsten. I thought my collection complete at 3; then came Lanie. She shares a name and has similar interests as my paternal aunt. Lea...Lea is the name of my wonderful cousin and is Lanie's daughter. Lea Clark even looks a bit like my Lea. So sometime over the next year she will be joining the family too. :) Would love for AG to release a Beverly and a Penelope...then my collection really would be complete.

Best wishes!



  1. I think she is very pretty, but she looks too much like Rebecca so she won't be joining our family. How cool about the family links though, I can see why you would want to add her to your group!

    1. Only mini Rebecca here. :) If she were named anything else, I could probably leave her on the shelf. With the name and similar coloration... :)