Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 8 Lego Calendar Plus

Still Building; Still Sipping

Show Us Door Number 8

Eight is my favorite number; that's why Kaya and I switched turns. Her favorite hasn't come up yet. 
So let's open the door and see what is to be built today.
Neat. I have a lot to put together today.
Oh, that's not right. I have to start over.
A little speaker! Cool!

I think Andrea is going to give a performance in the square on Christmas eve. She and Liza are doing a sound check. 
If that's the end idea, what songs do you think Andrea will sing?

Tea Blend #4: Green Chai

Today I get to review the fourth tea in out Advents Tea box. I'm actually surprised Melody didn't ask to do it; her favorite number is 4. Hey, I'm not complaining.
Today is Green Chai. 
The online description says, "Green tea blended with aromatic spearmint, cardamom and sweet cinnamon is the secret to the exceptional taste of this rare green chai. Savour this astonishingly smooth and delicious tea hot or cold. Enjoy this relaxing tea in the Indian tradition: sweetened and with a little milk or milk substitute. The essence of this tea is: 'Joyful enchantment'."

The instructions on the back of the wrapper say to steep for seven minutes. 
I guess the last pictogram shows adding sugar and milk. We thought it was just adding sugar. I wish I had looked up the information online before the photo shoot. Oh, well. Now we know for the next blend that shows these symbols. 

Setting the timer for seven minutes.
Now we wait. While we wait I can tell you this tea blend includes: cinnamon, spearmint, green tea, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, and cinnamon oil.

(timer beeping)

Done! What color! I bet that is from the cinnamon and other spices.

Smells great!
Must try it with nothing added at all.
This is very smooth. I don't think I'd know there was spearmint in the blend if I didn't read it. Very mild. In fact nothing is overpowering.

Now with sugar.
Yes, very tasty with the sugar. Adds another dimension to the sweetness while smoothing out the flavors.I bet it would be good with milk too. It's a bummer we misinterpreted the symbols.

The green chai is a hit. Tasty, smooth, not grassy.

[Xyra note: I'm not a fan of spearmint and had no idea spearmint was in this blend until after I enjoyed the tea and looked up the ingredients on the website. That's awesome. The spices were not overwhelming either. Everything just blended together smoothly. The website indicates "ayurvedic information" with regards to vata, pitta, and kapha. I clicked for more information and took the dosha quiz; I'm a pitta. I wonder if the blends taste different to the different doshas?]

So glad you stopped by today.

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