Friday, December 4, 2015

Day 4 Lego Calendar Plus

Double Duty

(laughing) Yep, today I get to open the Lego calendar AND tell you about the next tea! Yay!

[Xyra note: Hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have the lighting situation figured out. Thank you again for bearing with us. Now we remember why we really liked the PowerShot A1400 over the A520. :) ]

Calendar First

Okay, time to see what is behind door number 4. 
Opening the door.
Ooo, looks like a snow man.
Not too many pieces, but more than the sled and skating session.
It's like putting together a 3D, vertical puzzle.
Done! He's cute! A few extra parts. They may come in handy later.
Andrea should travel. One nice visit with the snowman coming up.
The rooms are big enough both fit.
Door number 5 tomorrow. Haley's turn; I wonder what she'll find?

Tea Time!

Haley mentioned that this little box holds 12 different blends. December 1 and 2 we enjoyed (that could be a strong word for some of us) the ginger lemon.
Yesterday and today we are drinking Ginger Orange with vanilla.

I'll use the warmed glass pot again. The tea bag is in.
Xyra added the hot water while I set the timer for 6 minutes. It has a unique color already.

(time passes...timer beeps)

Done! It has a much darker golden color now.
Smells really nice. The orange is light, so is the ginger.
I wonder if it tastes as nice as it smells.
Yes, this is a really nice blend. The orange and ginger blend together nicely. There is still a bit of a spicy after kick, but not like the Ginger Lemon. It's sweet enough that it doesn't need additional sugar, but I wonder how agave nectar would be?
Yep, very good. The agave adds a touch more sweetness without muddling or overpowering the flavors.

According to the website this tea is described as, "Spicy ginger and sweet orange give this tea a deliciously sunny taste and put you in a good mood like an exuberant summer’s day. Ginger adds spiciness and vitality. Combined with sweet liquorice, fruity orange and a hint of vanilla, it will at last be summer again. The essence of this tea is: ‘Sunshine and confidence’."
The blend ingredients are similar to the Ginger Lemon, with a few differences - ginger, liquorice, lemon grass, orange peel, black pepper, vanilla extract, orange oil, peppermint, anise. You might think that the list is filled with strong flavors, but they really work together well. Does this sound like something you'd enjoy? Do you have a special beverage you have only for the holidays? If yes, what is it?

Best wishes,


  1. So fun seeing what is behind each door! I'd have a hard time not opening them all, the curiosity would kill me.

    As for favorite drink for the holiday...I guess a good cup of coffee flavored with pumpkin spice creamer. (Which reminds me, I am out!)

    1. Hahaha! I know what you mean. But the excitement of something new each morning is greater than my curiosity.

      The local chocolatier has a pumpkin pie buttercream right now...they are scrumptious!

  2. Enjoying your Lego advent vicariously! I always intend to get one of those
    Sitting down now with some rooibos chai and reading past blog posts ��

    1. Sounds tasty. So glad you are enjoying these posts. Not sure if this will be an annual event or not.