Monday, December 7, 2015

Advent 2015 Second Week

Weekend Update

Hi! Lots to do today! Xyra had a busy weekend with her one choir's 78th annual performance of Handel's Messiah. We got to do our photo shoots, but not a lot of time online. Today we get to catch up. 

Advent Village 2

[Back to some not so hot photos. Definitely needed the flash for evening photos, and boy did it bounce off Kirsten's pretty hair and face. I like to take these during the day because the room is lit better. However, this time it was already dark outside.]

I'm so excited I get to open the second door, so I'm just going to "fling wide the door" if you know what I mean. (giggles)
What's inside?
A little angel making toys. So cute!
It's a little blurry, but I think you can get a good idea about this little preparation room.
Come back next week when we unbar the gate. ;-) And get a peek at what's happening behind door three.

Lego Calendar Day 5 & 6

Day 5

Pyewacket, you can't open that door.
(pawing at door)
Okay, I'll help you. Plus it's my turn to build. Yay!

Oh, look! It's another Friend!

Blonde...(laughing) how'd this happen!
No, Pyewacket, that's not a kitty toy!
Liza! Cool!
Let's have Liza and Andrea pose with the snowman. Cute!
These two have to stay together now. Like a sleepover!
Definitely liking this calendar.

Day 6

Woo hoo! My turn again! I like how Haley has Andrea and Liza together. My door is right nearby. Opening...
Hmmm....not much to build here.
I've got a ski run flag, skis, poles, helmet with goggles. And an extra pole and pair of goggles. (giggles) 

Advent Tea 3

Snack Tea
The really neat part about this box of tea is that the two tea bags are right together. So we are posting our reviews after the second cup has been enjoyed, or in some cases tasted.
Today I'm reporting on the one called Snack Tea.
[Argh! Blurry, so sorry about that one.]

It's a sweet mint with assam blend. It is described as, "Aromatic peppermint and spearmint are grounded by powerful Assam tea, ginger, clove, and sweet cinnamon.  Opposites attract. Spicy schisandra berry, with its five flavour sensation, pleases the senses and brings balance to this delicious tea blend. The essence of this tea is: 'carefree and focused'." This one says to steep for five minutes.
(time passes...timer beeps)
Oooo, look at the nice dark color. I thought it would be more green. Must be the Assam.
Smells really good too.
Plain is good. 
Sweet, but not super sweet. Minty without being overwhelming; the mints blend well together. Oh, I forgot, this blend is made with "peppermint, spearmint, black tea (Assam), liqourice, cinnamon, ginger, schisandra berries, black pepper, cloves, and cardamom." The mint stands out the most.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder what would happen if I added a touch of agave nectar?
Yum-my! That tiny touch of extra sweetness smoothes it out even more.
Another good tea blend. I don't suggest it if you don't like mint tea. 

[Xyra note: Mint tea is growing on me. I like what I make from the fuzzy mint we grow in the garden. Some hot mint teas are too much mint; this one, while minty, is not jarring with mint. The side panels of the box are in German. I can get the information from the UK site, but it's not fond of my non-UK location and these blends are not the same in the US.]

Whew! I think the weekend is caught up! We hope you had a great weekend.

Best wishes,

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