Monday, December 21, 2015

Advent 2015 Last Week

Haley Has Triple Duty

This is so exciting! Sunday was my turn to open the Lego calendar, host a tea review, AND help with the final doors on the advent village! YAY!

The Angel Gabriel Comes

There are two doors for the fourth day. So I'm going to open the front.
And I'm going to open the back.
Here we go.
Voila! Angels trumpeting the good news!

Teamwork is awesome!

Advent Tea #10 and Door 20

I had a scathingly, brilliant idea for today! While the tea steeps I can go into the other room and work on the Lego calendar. One long double duty post from me. So let's get to it.
Today the tea blend is simply called licorice. So I'm guessing Gramma Enne would not like this even before tasting it. The blend consists of liquorice, cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, cardamom, roasted chicory, cloves, orange oil, black pepper, and vanilla extract.
The website description reads, "For centuries the great pharaohs of Egypt treasured liquorice root for its natural sweetness, rich flavour, and restorative properties. Today its sweet delicious flavour helps bring us back to earth and to find balance and calm in our busy lives. The addition of spicy ginger, orange peel, cinnamon, and black pepper together with a hint of vanilla create a uniquely intriguing taste experience, perfect any time of day. The essence of this tea is: 'Satisfaction'."
The instructions are similar to the previous tea. So there is a seven minute steep time and it's supposed to be finished with sugar and milk.
I've got the teabag in the teapot with the hot water and the timer is set. Now on to the build!

(Runs from kitchen, down the hall and into the calendar room.)

Now where is door 20? There it is! Way at the bottom.
I wonder what this is for? Crowd control?
Lots of pieces. Check it out! I also found the carrot from the bunny build. 

Bunny will be happy. I'll just tuck that back in the right room.
There are a lot of pieces here.
Done, but it looks like a lot of extras. 
(laughing) Not extras, enough for two barriers with one extra flower.
I'm still thinking crowd control. Any other ideas?
(Timer beeping) Tea's done!

(Runs back to kitchen)

The licorice tea is a nice golden color.
Smells lovely, but I do get a mild smell of black licorice.
Tasting it plain. 
This is very nice. A mild black licorice flavor with additional spices and lightly sweet. Now, I'll add the sugar and milk.
This is really nice. Creamy. The milk pulls all the different flavors together. There mustn't be much orange in here because the milk didn't curdle.

So the licorice tea is mild, but it does taste more like black licorice than the other blends where licorice is not first on the ingredient list. If you are not fond of licorice, you probably won't like this one. I think it's very good, so did my sisters and Xyra,

Thank you for hanging out with a longer post. Hope you enjoyed it. Kaya started a sing along. I really like God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman - especially the version by the Barenaked Ladies - you know the group that wrote and sings the title track for The Big Bang Theory. It's really snappy and unique.

What I'd like to know is what Christmas movie do you look forward to seeing each year? Mine is The Santa Clause. The Rose Suchak Ladder Company and Bernard and Judy are the best!

Have a great day! Best wishes!


  1. I'm with Grandma Enne on the licorice, yuck! It's definitely something you either like or you don't, no in between. I'm trying to figure out what the barriers are for too, keep kids from rushing Santa?

    1. You can send us your black jelly beans at Easter. :)

      I wonder if there will be a Santa hidden behind the doors? That would be fun.