Friday, December 18, 2015

Day 18 Lego Calendar Plus

Closer and Closer to the Goal

Lanie's Fourth Build

So here we are on December 18 ready to open another door.
This one is easy to reach. Let's see what we have today.
What? I'm not sure what this is...a table?

Only a few bricks.
Yes, I think it is a table. 

Definitely a food section happening in this scene. Oh, and good news - Xyra found her notebook. 

Advent Tea #9

Hi! Today we have Choco tea. Yes, I know you're thinking we just had that, but the other tea was Choco Chili. 
Choco has the same ingredients as the Choco Chili minus the chili powder AND in a slightly different combination. 
The Choco blend ingredients read as follows: cocoa shells, liquorice, cinnamon, barley malt, carob, cardamom, ginger, cloves, ginger oil, black pepper, vanilla extract, vanilla beans.

We're given the same instructions - steep for seven minutes and finish with sugar and milk.
I took a look at the website before starting the water and found this description. "A delicious, warming blend of traditional chai spices and cocoa shells.  Choco has been a favourite for years. the cocoa combines with sweet liquorice, cinnamon, spicy ginger and cardamom in a heavenly tea blend. Sit back, take a sip and breathe in the wonderful chocolate aroma. Best enjoyed sweetened and with a dash of milk or milk substitute. The essence of this tea is 'Delicious indulgence'." Sounds great!

(Timer beeps)

Done! Check out the lovely color of this tea. A reddish brown.
Smells nice. Not quite as chocolatey as I would expect.
First sip, plain.
It's okay plain. Not very chocolatey, but the flavors blend nicely together. Very mellow.

Second sip, sweetened and with milk.
This is nice. The sugar and milk really bring out the chocolate notes. Yesterday, we tried sweetening this with sugar in the raw. It was good, but using regular, granulated, table sugar is much better. 

I think I like the Choco Chili better. 
Tasting these two makes me want to retry the one Bingley's tea we have with cream. It pays to fix the tea as suggested. Overall, not a bad blend. Only three more teas to try.

Best wishes,


  1. Now you have a table to set the mugs of hot cocoa on! And the cupcakes too.

    1. So true! The table needs a little tweaking, I put the benches next to it and the table is kind of low.