Tuesday, February 26, 2013

March Catalog Highlights!

My March Catalog Arrived!

I know Hanna mentioned this the other day, but I wasn't thinking about the March catalog. February and spring were stuck in my head. So I got very excited when I opened the mailbox yesterday and saw it. J

Attention Molly Fans—Collection Updated!

Molly has new pajamas and a new bed. The description notes that the Jenny Lind style bed was popular during her era. I did some research and the style is still popular today. I've seen these beds before at flea markets and stores, but never looked closely enough to know the right name.
This is very exciting! Not because I’ll get a new sister (not going to happen; won’t even be getting a bed), but because Jenny Lind is one of my favorite historical people AND today I've learned something new about her. She was so popular that she had a furniture line named after her like Kathy Ireland and Brooke Shields.

Molly’s Jenny Lind twin bed is painted bright yellow and has matching bedding. The set is quite bright and sunny, perfect for lifting the spirits of a girl during World War II.
I put the details in the poster, but if it’s too small. The set includes the bed frame, mattress, pillow, and bedspread for $94. Her pajamas (top, bottoms, and slippers) are $24.

Who is Jenny Lind?

Jenny was born Johanna Maria Lind in Sweden on October 6, 1820. A very popular soprano. Her voice was so lovely she earned the nickname “The Swedish Nightingale.” She was the Taylor Swift of the late 1800s. She didn't write songs about her ex-boyfriends though; she performed soprano opera roles in Sweden and across Europe. With her name on the marquee/poster the theaters sold out!
Her reputation caught the interest of PT Barnum (you've heard of Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus, right?) who invited her to tour in America. She wouldn't come without a guarantee; and the $200,000 advance he paid her was minor compared to the $3 million (do your best Dr. Evil impression) she earned.

Enough History; Back to the Catalog

AG is also introducing a new way to store your dolls. On the wall! This keeps your floor tidy and increases shelf (or closet) space by making dolls works of art.
I’m not so sure I’d have fun hanging on a wall by my armpits. J However, a way to use this and keep your dolls comfortable…Hang a doll chair on the hooks and use a wide ribbon as a seat belt to secure your doll to the chair in a sitting position. Sorry, no exact picture of this idea, but something like this on a smaller scale.

Finally, My Favorite Page of the March Catalog

The pet page, of course! They look so cute in these poses. I think I may put Meatloaf on my Christmas list this year.  He’s just too cute for words.
Did you get your catalog? If not you can visit the American Girl website to see “What’s New.” Don’t forget window shopping is a lot of fun—I always like a lot of stuff in the catalog, but rarely (if ever) get all my wishes.

Sorry, no new tea information today. I was so excited about sharing the catalog news with you I only had time to grab Earl Grey.

Have a great day!

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