Monday, February 4, 2013

Saige Part Two

Tea and more tea!

Yesterday and today began with Tazo Awake-English Breakfast tea. Piping hot with a hint of sugar and a splash of milk. If you like your tea sweeter, that’s a-okay.

I’ve heard “one lump or two” being offered in TV shows or movies. The “lump” is a sugar cube.
You can buy sugar cubes in the store, but they can be expensive. You can also make your own. They can be plain or really fancy by adding flavors or colors or even making different shapes. Here are three recipes for making your own sugar cubes.

I admit (and Xyra does too) it’s just as much fun to eat sugar cubes by themselves as it is to put them in your tea. And if sugar tongs are available…they add a level of sophistication!
Currently, I’m finishing off a nice hot (well it was awhile ago) cup of Benner’s blend tea. It’s your standard bag tea like Lipton. We’ve talked about these Tazo and Benner teas before. Basic and nice on a cold winter day.

Saige Book Review Part Two:  Saige Paints the Sky

Xyra and I finished reading Saige Paints the Sky yesterday and read Kailey today (I’ll save Kailey’s book review for another day).
In Saige Paints the Sky we see Saige and her friends still working to get the after school art program started. The students are disappointed and getting impatient—two months have passed and still no classes.

While working with Tessa, Gabi, and Dylan on an idea to get the school administration’s attention, Saige stumbles upon the art room at the rehabilitation center where Mimi is recovering from her injuries. Together with Miss Fane the three get the center’s art program back on track.

In addition to art, Saige is working with Luis to train Georgia one of Mimi’s younger Spanish Barb horses. The two (Saige and Georgia) get well acquainted and train each other.

Throughout the story Saige gets frustrated, jealous, sad, angry, and tentative. She dealt with those negative feelings and situations learning how to get things done diplomatically.

Overall, the story was well written and we enjoyed reading it. We could easily visualize the balloons and horses and, especially, the protest! It was great that Tessa started to spend a bit more time with her “old” friend; and the four girls worked together on setting their idea in motion.

[Xyra thought it would have been nice if the author had Miss Fane or Mrs. Laird explain about finding and needing to get approval for space, transportation, etc. Not to mention background checks on all the people who might volunteer to supervise, assist, and teach.]

This was a fun story and it inspired me to plan a winter party for my friends. J We could even simulate a balloon rising…oh, my mind I racing on this one…generating the basis for a future blog post. J Love it…I hope you will too.

Have a great day!

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