Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

No matter what you have today, may it be enjoyed with love. Today is the perfect day to get out a heart shaped cookie cutter and make heart-shaped treats. Finger sandwiches, brownies, cakes, cookies, Jell-O jigglers, etc.

We’re all in pink this year!

Kirsten is wearing her birthday outfit. Yes, it might be a little chilly for that particular outfit, but she looks lovely and matches the rest of us. It’s too early for the daisy wreath tiara.

Kaya is wearing the True Style outfit (release 2010; retired 2012) with the denim jacket from the Coconut’s Best Friend outfit.

Lanie is wearing the Licorice’s Best Friend Outfit (released in 2005; retired 2007).

I’m in another non-AG dress. This one is a bit too big (can you see how loosely it fits?), but it’s very cute and perfect for today. The bodice is adorned with a fluffy, white kitty. J I added the sandals from the Seaside Wardrobe (released 2005; retired 2007).

Licorice is wearing the Coconut Valentine’s Accessories (see on Coconut in the first picture) from 2001. Cocoa is wearing the Coconut’s Cupid Accessories from 2003. [Sorry about the lighting on these two shots. You can see better color in the greeting above.]

We all wish you a very happy day filled with love and nice surprises. [Like Hanna’s post on AG Spring Release! J]

More tomorrow.

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