Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring Release & Other Good Things

Hanna was Right!

Yesterday, Hanna posted about the spring preview at American Girl. I checked my email, found the Valentine news announcement, and headed right over! These are the new “new” things that caught my eye right away.
Both dresses are $30, the calf is $28, and the party set is $20.

These items also caught my eye, but they were in the last catalog.
Saige’s outfit is the most expensive at $34, the pajamas (pjs) are $24, and Meatloaf is $22.

Of course, just because I’m wishing doesn’t mean I’ll be receiving. J That’s okay. Window shopping is fun too!

There is a new softball set this year. This is actually the third incarnation of the softball set. See the progression below.
We’re lacrosse players, so the softball uniform isn’t that exciting to us, but we have friends who play and would love it. What do you do for exercise? Doesn’t have to be a team sport or even competitive. Riding your bike through the neighborhood or roller skating are great ways to be active, so is walking the dog.

Aristocat Dress

Repeating picture so you don’t have to flip back (unless you want to).

The dress I’m wearing for Valentine’s Day was a gift. I love it. The dress itself is constructed using a light pink, calico material with two sizes of white polka dots. The dress is collarless with short, puffed sleeves, and a hem that falls to mid-calf. The bodice is embellished with a white kitten appliqué.

The dress is well constructed; however, it is quite loose. This designer followed the pattern, but did not have a model. Loose is better than too snug. Right now it feels like spring (50 degrees today) but if the temperature drops I can add leggings and a long-sleeved tee shirt under this dress.

I like to call it my Aristocat dress because the white kitty on the front reminds me of Duchess’s daughter, Marie.
[I hope I don’t get slammed for using that picture; just illustrating a point.]

Accessory Tip:

My headband is one of Xyra’s bracelets. It’s very pretty. If it had a clasp it would make a great necklace. Human bracelets and anklets make great 18” doll necklaces.

We can share things with our humans too. The barrettes, clips, and ponytail holders in the Hairdo Helpers work just as well for humans as they do dolls.

Today’s Tea Fact/Item:

Did you know you can decaffeinate your tea at home?
Black tea contains 45-55 milligrams of caffeine; green tea has 1/3 that amount. Most caffeine (80%) is removed from the tea during the first 30 seconds of steeping. Watch the clock then dump that first cup. Pour fresh hot water over the leaves and let steep the regular 3-4 minutes.
[Today’s tea fact from Let’s Have Tea Together by Susan Wheeler and Paul Kortepeter]

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