Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New & Old Mixed Together

Simple Tea!

Yesterday was such a let down I kept is simple with a cup of Trader Joe’s Earl Grey. Am currently enjoying another cup of basic tea. J It’s fun to try things and good to have dependable favorites.

What do you snack on with your tea? This afternoon I had a toasted, raspberry, frozen waffle (like Eggo) topped with butter and blackberry jam. Very tasty. Other times I have cheese and crackers.

Changes Arrive Slowly

Did you notice anything different today? Hannah gave me some tips and I started investigating ways to spice up the blog and have it reflect me a bit more. I have four favorite colors…can you tell what two of them are? J I hope to add a few more things as we move along, but I’m still learning how to do this. It’s exciting to explore the different gadgets and layout styles.

Wardrobe Item of the Day—Jacket & Cap Set for Doll & Coconut

The Jacket and Cap Set was released in 2004 and retired in 2005. The set included a jacket and cap for me and a shirt and cap for Coconut. Here we are modeling the set.
My jacket is heather grey with pale aqua sleeves, a Coconut graphic, and a flower zipper pull. Coconut has a pale aqua shirt with a lavender flower graphic that matches my zipper pull. The hats are both denim, baseball-style caps. Mine has a picture of Coconut and Coconut’s has a paw print. Very cute. Check out this close up of Coconut.
The jacket is more of a hoodie than a jacket. It fits over my white tank top (from the Play Outfit discussed earlier), but not much else. It does pair well with different bottoms. Here I’m wearing the khaki cropped pants from Coconut’s Best Friend Outfit and the sneakers from the Cargo Outfit.

Exciting Newsstand News

The March/April issue of American Girl arrived last week. Well, it was in my mailbox last week; should be in stores this week.
So many cool features: crafts, recipes, quizzes, polls, articles and posters about horses, AND a Saige short story called A Picasso Original.
Check your local grocery store or bookstore to see if they have it. The story is 5 pages in length…you can probably get it read while shopping and not need to take it home.

Have a great day!

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