Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Groundhog Day!

The news came in early this morning that groundhog Phil in Punxatawny, PA saw his shadow. This year I believe it as the sun was out and the sky clear. Some years I think he sees it due to all the media cameras.

Book review time!

Xyra and I read Saige by Jessie Haas on Thursday and Friday. It was really good. Her story is filled with great lessons and challenges.
Saige Copeland, the American Girl of 2013, is a talented young girl who is starting fourth grade and loves art. Her heart is tested when an old nemesis seems to be taking her best friend away from her. While trying to figure out what to do about Tessa, Saige befriends the new girl on her street, Gabi.

In an afternoon with her grandmother, Mimi, Saige discovers she can use her talents to help raise funds so her school can continue to provide art and music classes. When her grandmother is injured and can no longer assist with preparations for the fiesta, Saige is overwhelmed but continues with the fiesta plans. Does she do it alone? Nope! She has a wealth of assistance from her assistants!—Tessa, Gabi, Picasso, Luis, and many more.

At the back of this book is a story about a real, budding, horsewoman from Pennsylvania and how she has overcome challenges to pursue her dream of showing horses. Both stories are very inspirational.

This book had Xyra thinking about two of her very dearest friends who now live out west.  The setting and Saige’s math professor mom reminded her of the one who lives in New Mexico. So she wore her Balloon Fiesta shirt yesterday. Saige’s grandmother sparked thoughts of the one in northern California. She also had an artist grandmother named Mimi. Xyra and her friends have music in common (all three sing alto).

We started book two last night. The layout of each book is really cool. Each new chapter has a blue band across the top of the page filled with white “doodles.” The illustrations are vivid and almost look like photographs.

I really like Saige and her friends. I'm digging out my catalog to see what I can add to my collection from Saige's.

On a side note, organizations exist throughout the country trying to keep arts education available to school kids. This one is located in Buffalo, NY There may be one near your hometown.

More later.

Have a great day!

Oh, my! Now it's snowing! Put the kettle on and grab the tea or hot chocolate. :-)


  1. Greetings from NM! Just catching up on your posts after a nice morning bike ride (19 miles) and then brunch at Flying Star. Did stop for a latte during my ride (not a hot tea fan) and an apple too.

    I might have to read Saige's book to see what it says about New Mexico.


    1. I'm not a coffee fan. If it is really cold and there are no other hot beverage options then with enough sugar and milk (cream, half&half, or non-dairy creamer) it's tolerable. :-D
      The books don't take long to read at all.