Wednesday, February 20, 2013

High, Low, and Fashion

Tea Time Fundamentals

When you think of a tea party, what is being served to eat? Tiny sandwiches? Cookies? Roast beef?

There are two types of tea: high tea and low tea. The name comes from the type of table on which it is served. What most US citizens consider high tea is really afternoon or low tea. Afternoon tea is where you will find the fancy sandwiches, other bite-sized morsels, and cake. It tends to be served mid-afternoon (around 4 PM) on a low table in a sitting room (i.e., the coffee table in the living room).

High tea, on the other hand, is really the evening meal served at a high table (i.e., kitchen or dining room table). There you will find “meat and two veg” along with breads and perhaps “pudding.” [Luna Lovegood was always going to see what was for pudding in the great hall. Pudding is another word for dessert.] High tea, also known as meat tea, is served around 6 PM.

What Not To Wear To Low Tea…Kit’s Overalls Outfit

Well, that’s not completely true. If your tea party is spontaneous…you’ve just finished playing tag or Mario Brothers or building a Lego Friends kit and decide “Let’s have a tea party”…then wardrobe is not an issue. However, if someone invites you to a tea party with a special invitation, etc. then you want to pass over this ensemble and go with something a little more polished/fancy/dressy.

I like to shop all the collections for clothing, accessories, etc. I was lucky enough to get something from Samantha’s and Felicity’s collections before they were retired, but today I want to focus on Kit’s Overalls Outfit.

This one was introduced in 2001 and retired in 2011. A pretty long run for a collection outfit. Those who love Kit or have read her stories know that she wore this in Kit Saves The Day when she tries to blend in with the hobos along the railroad.

I only have one part to the outfit; kit’s work boots and Hobo Camp Supplies were sold separately.

The main outfit includes the denim overalls with flour-sack patch; the striped, button-down, collared shirt; and dark blue, pageboy cap. I added the boots from the Mod Outfit (see Jan 10).

Kit’s stories are really well written. She lived during a very hard period in US History…The Great Depression. My one issue with Kit’s collection is that she has too many clothes. A girl in her situation would have had one school outfit, Sunday outfit, and something to change in after school for doing chores. She might also have had a flour-sack dress and, perhaps, a hand-me-down dress from a friend or older family member, but not much else. There were people who didn’t have coats or shoes because they couldn’t afford to replace them when they were outgrown or just worn out. That’s not a big deal in the spring or summer but think about not having a coat (or shoes) in January. Yikes!

If you get a chance…find a TV show called The Waltons and give it a try. It follows a large family through the Depression and World War II. The early episodes are the best. They all had outfits like this one for after school. J

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