Monday, February 25, 2013

The Care & Keeping of You in USA Today

Sending Warm Wishes

Sending warm wishes to everyone involved with the recent major winter storm and the upcoming one! I’m not sure how much snow or other precipitation you got or are getting, but I hope you and your families stay cozy, safe, and warm throughout.

On the upside, the snow will melt to water the land and the cold will freeze pests in the ground reducing their numbers for the spring and summer.  Look for that silver lining when you can; it’s not always easy.

Keeping Warm

One way to keep warm is to drink a nice cup of hot chocolate, cocoa, or…tea. J (You knew that was coming, right?) A nice blend for cold days is black currant tea. I had STASH Premium Wild black Currant herbal tea.

According to the ingredients this is really a tisane (pronounced tea-zahn) or herbal infusion of herbs, leaves, flowers, spices, etc. It does not include the leaves from the camellia sinensis (cam-mill-ee-ah sin-inn-sis ) plant where we get white, green, and black tea.

100% natural ingredients: hibiscus, rosehips, lemongrass, orange peel, chicory root, blackberry flavor, black currant flavor, and licorice powder. Mine seems to be an older version. I checked over at and could only find Yumberry BlackCurrant. They replaced the blackberry with yumberry flavor.

To this one I did not add milk.

What is a Black Currant?

The black currant is a berry grown on a shrub. The fruit is filled with vitamins, nutrients, and phytochemicals. Its flavor is strong and tart so not usually eaten raw. They can be used as a whole berry or dried. You can find black currant used to make juice, jellies, jams, sauces, in baked goods, cheese cake, yogurt, etc.

AG’s Body Book Gets Revamped!

American Girl’s The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls has been revised and is available in two volumes. 1 for younger girls and 2 for older girls. Plus there are additional items in the collection: a journal, a feelings book, and a feelings journal.

You may have seen this already in the book section of the catalog of website or at your favorite bookstore, but today…today it is a feature in the Life section of USA Today. Reporter Michelle Healy interviews Cara Natterson, a board-certified pediatrician asked to help update the 1998 original and write the companion volume. It’s a great interview; here is the link.

That’s it for today! Looking forward to tomorrow. Have a great day!

To see more "The Care and Keeping of You" titles click this link:


  1. We have the first one, not the new edition, but the old one. And I'm hoping that my Mum will get the second one as well sometime soon! The one we have is really good! Do you have them?

    1. No, I don't have them, but I think they sound great.

    2. Yeah, I know they're definitely worth getting! As I said, we don't have the new edition, so I don't know if it's got different things in it. It'd be interesting to compare them.

    3. When I read the article it sounded as if they split the information by ages so that younger girls would start with volume one and as they got older would get additional information in volume two.

    4. Yeah, I really hope my Mum buys the updated ones eventually! They sound alot better, and are supposed to have slightly more relevant and extra information in them.