Monday, October 8, 2018

Model Monday Plus: Lea 'n Grace

Still Fal-ummer

Hi! It's in the 70s today, overcast and drizzly and humid.
Still shorts and short-sleeves and sandals weather.
Yeah, tomorrow we are back up to the 80s.

Whew, we're getting this one in right under the wire!
Yes, and we hope all of our Canadian friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
So true!

Here is Our Shoot

I think we want to try those first two again.
Yeah, we have another idea on how to stage it.

The Plus

Hold still.
You have a hamster on your shoulder.
(laughs) I know. She likes to ride my shoulders. 
If I hold still, she'll switch sides.
Cool! Sometime I need to try this with her. 

Outfit Details

Hat and skirt: Gramma Enne Christmas 2014
Top: OG All Eyelets on Me (retired)
Shoes: Coconut Fun Outfit II (AG retired)


Top: Lanie's Naure Outfit (AG retired)
Skirt*: AG Play Outfit (AG retired)
Shoes: Lea's Bahia outfit (AG retired)

* One outfit where you can really see how the body types changed is 
the Play Outfit. The skirt is quite loose around Lea's waist and it is almost a maxi skirt, whereas on Melody it hits mid-calf.

Do you have a favorite photo? 
Have you ever had a hamster on your shoulder?

À bientôt! Tchau!


  1. Thanks for the kind Thanksgiving wishes! We had a lovely dinner with family. It was a fun day. I've never had a hamster on my shoulders, BUT we used to put my son's pet hamster in the bathtub (without water of course!) and it would run back and forth until we nearly died laughing. We called it skiing as it would get stuck in the corners. Hamsters are funny!

    1. I bet it was cute watching the little hamster scurry.

      I'm glad to hear you had a nice visit with family. that's always fun.

  2. Lea's outfit is gorgeous! Such fun pictures!

    1. Thank you, Lu! It's comfy too!

      Thank you!