Monday, October 29, 2018

Coolspring October 2018: Day 4 Plus

Coolspring Power Museum

Hi! I'm back and have this one long and a super short post for you this week. But first we have to give a shout out to's his birthday! Without his interest in hit 'n miss engines we never would have known Coolspring existed.

Saturday Fun

In the spring, the one church has a quilt show. In the fall, the other church has a bazaar and we try to go up to see what kinds of goodies are available.
This year was interesting. A few cute outfits that were my size caught my eye, but nothing said take me home. I think the cold weather kept me from thinking I needed a swim suit, tee shirt outfit, or dress.
We did pick up a cookie from the bake sale before heading back to museum grounds. I wanted to go back up on the hill and hit the stairs.
This is such a great place to look out over the field; I had to stop again for a few photos. Yesterday morning was still so full. Now you can see the empty spots.
(giggles) From this angle the railing looks like a walkway that is not aligned with the bridge. (giggles)
We took a selfie. Tatlo posed well.
The Snow albums were out, so I looked through those. Do you like to look at photos? I do.
In the one corner were a few patterns for casting. It's a really interesting process for making items. 
You use this with molten metal and when it cools you have the shape of the pattern. I know I'm not explaining it well, but if you've ever played with playdough sets like the burger barbecue or breakfast set it's kind of similar to that, but just kind of.

Since it was pretty quite we went to walk through the woods. The leaves didn't quite rustle...they weren't crispy enough. 
Check out this fly wheel.
It was kind of comfy, but very cold! Brrrr!
Another look at the field from the path up to Windy City and the Power Tech Annex. It's kind of quiet today. A few engines running, but not many.
We grabbed my sweater and our books and went to sit in the Annex. No sooner were we inside when a storm hit. If you look closely you can see bits of ice. We're not sure if it was hail or sleet.
The best place to be in a fall rainstorm is inside with your best friend.
Saturday is all about winterizing the engines. Draining all the fluids and greasing gears, etc. The Johnny is all done and tagged.
Doc Harvey missed the Saturday dinner this year, but for a good reason! The Chamber of Commerce honored him with a lifetime achievement award! So very cool! He's a great guy and really deserves it. 

The award included commendations for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate! Wow!

Ruger signaled it was time to call it a night. Tatlo agreed.

That's it for Day 4. Please come back for my super short report on Day 5. 

Come again soon!



  1. Happy birthday Franz! Some interesting photos too, love the casting one.

    1. He says, "thank you."

      We were trying to find the unique spots.