Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Coolspring October 2018: Day 5

Coolspring Power Museum

Packing Up, Saying Goodbye

Silent Sunday

In one of Xyra's favorite movies, The Trouble with Angels, the school observes Silent Sunday. That's pretty much a good way to describe Coolspring on the last day of the season. The last of the volunteer RVs are pulling out, the big vehicles are being tucked into the buildings for the winter, and everyone is packing up to head home.

Since the food court packs up and leaves on Saturday, our group heads out to Punxy Phil's for breakfast. 

They have a great menu and the servers know how to handle our big group of 17!

After breakfast we headed back to the museum grounds to finish taking down the tent and packing up to go home.

Overnight we had a lot of wind and rain, but no snow. Although, it did seem cold enough for it. So when we started taking down the tent, Xyra was surprised the fly and vestibule section was dry. So were the blankets. The space heater really made a big difference and not just for sleeping. The tent bottom and ground cloths were wet, so those were stored in separate trash bags for the trip home.

After packing the truck it was time to load up and hit the road. Tatlo was eager and hopped in before I did.

Bye, Coolspring! Looking forward to seeing you again!

Do you ever feel sad leaving a vacation spot? Where is your favorite spot to visit? Please leave a comment below.

Come again soon!


  1. What a darling photo of Kaya and Tatlo in the truck ready to head for home. Yes, it is always sad to leave a place where friends gather and work and/or play together.

  2. Sounds like you and your group plus dolls had a fantastic vacation. I don't go on vacation often but my favorite trip with Niagara Falls though I miss camping with my Dad in Virginia doing Civil War re-enactments. Always rained or snowed and 5 days in a tent wasn't always the best accommodations but great fun. Cooking over a fire was one of my favorite parts.

    1. That is one thing...cooking over a campfire. We get the tent experience, but don't have a camp fire. There are a couple of fire rings but no one cooks over it, just for heat and fun. Oh, we did have s'mores in June or last October.

      [Had to correct the many typos in the previous reply. ;-) ]