Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Coolspring October 2018: Day 2

Coolspring Power Museum

The morning dawned crisp, cold, and windy! We ate breakfast quickly so the food would still be warm. But you should have seen the syrup! If you've ever heard the phrase, "Slow as molasses in January," well, that was the syrup. Really thick and really slow! (giggles)

We got the text saying Flo was in Brookville and headed to the truck. Then it got tricky! We grabbed this, that, and the other thing...then Xyra spilled her tea! Had to clean that up. When we got the text saying they were parked near the antique store we really hustled!

Friends Arrive

Walking toward the antique store we spotted the car.
Cassie! Yay! Great to see you! I love your sweater and hat!
Thanks! Your sweater looks cozy.
Yeah, I'm really glad I packed it.

After greeting each other we started the walk back to the main entrance of the museum. We arrived before Xyra and Flo did. (giggles)
There wasn't much of interest for us in the flea market section so we headed over to the ice cream stand. Cassie and Flo got chocolate. Xyra and I did half maple nut half chocolate. The maple nut name is kind of deceiving. It's made with Grape Nuts cereal which is wheat and barley; no nuts.

Hanging in the FEH

Eating ice cream outside on a cold, windy day is, well, it's not prime. So we decided to hop the shuttle to Friends Exhibit Hall. There is a heater in that building. Definitely the best place to exchange goodies. (giggles)
I love this Star Wars model with the storm troopers!

Hey, I have an idea! Why don't we play Yahtzee?! Have to try out this game you gave us.
Love it!
(rolls dice) Sixes!
(rolls two more times) I'm going 24 in three of a kind.

My turn. (rolls dice)
Sixes! (laughing)

(rolls two more times) 27 in four of a kind, nice!
[Xyra aside: the rolls above were strictly random rolls of the dice-no staging.]
Cassie ended up winning the first game and I won the second.

More Snacks

Up at the FEH not only will you find heat, but also refreshments. So we had some candy and popcorn.

Engine Time

Let's check out the engines.
Friends or FEH is loaded with engines. Most are really big to us but still small compared to the Snow.

Then we walked down to Power Tech Annex and I got to show Cassie Franz's Mogul Junior. It's a bit more our size, but still too big. (giggles)
You use the crank to get it to start. When you start to turn it over you can feel if there is compression or not.
By then we were cold again so off to Windy City!

It's always fun to walk around the museum and see so many pieces of history still running and kept in working condition! 

Such a beautiful fall day. Unfortunately it was time to say goodbye.
It was great seeing you!
Yeah! Loved hanging out!
Tell the others we say hello! (winks)
Will do! Bye, Tatlo!
Safe travels!

Day two closed much colder than day one. Oh, here is a short video Xyra took of the Windy City.

Hope you come back to see what happened on Day Three!

Come again soon!



  1. It certainly was cold, and I don't think it's been much better since! And I can vouch for the fact that those dice rolls were in fact random, absolutely no staging. We actually laughed at all of the sixes that kept coming up!

    (This is from Cass) Hi Kaya! I bet you were glad you had Tatlo to snuggle up with at night!

    1. But not enough for a Yahtzee! LOL

      Hey, Cass! I definitely was happy to have Tatlo with me this time!