Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Woe and Glow

The Woe

Acknowledging Hurricane Season

Hi! It's been quite a spring and summer and hurricane season. The east coast is watching Michael and the west coast Sergio. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have felt the effects of previous storms hoping for a strong recovery. We also send strong thoughts of safety for those in the storms here and now.

[to relieve some stress...]

The Glow

National Handbag day

More information on this interesting celebration day.
Days of the Year

Our Photo Shoot

Lea and Grace told us to try a couple poses a different way than they did.
We did, but I'm not sure it worked right.

Not bad though.
Whose poses do you think are better?

Our handbags
Reader Participation: What does your favorite purse look like? Send a photo to us at melodyq2000 at gmail dot com. 
[Xyra aside: Can be favorite purse for 18" vinyl person or human or both.]

Do you have treats in your purse?
Not that I know of.

I think Lea will like this selfie.
It's an us-ie, you know. (giggles)
Ugh! (laughing)


Look who is at our local Costco.
Other items not pictured: 

  • Pets - golden lab, [Australian] shepherd, and grey kitten
  • Mini Dolls in the books section: Maryellen, Melody, Nanea, Julie

I think it's time for some tea.
I'm with you!
Let's go! Come on, Bijoux.
Oh, don't forget your purse!

Thank you for stopping! Have a great day!


  1. I don't really like purses. If I have a favorite, it's my old olive Lands End Square Rigger bag with my initials on it.

    Doll purses are even less practical but I know I own more of those lol

    1. Cool!

      I hear you about doll purses. If they don't crossbody or fit on the shoulder or have a strap that goes around the wrist properly they aren't very practical. But I love them anyway! LOL

  2. Wait a second, is that a full sized Molly at Costco????

    My favorite purse at the moment is my ThirtyOne Colorblock Tote, it's the perfect size! I added the long strap to it too so if I want I can wear it crossbody. You're a bad influence LOL

    1. Yep, full-size Molly at Costco. Rumor has it she is only at Costco.

      Oooo! Yes, the colorblock tote is great! I have the olive one and love it! I didn't think about adding the longer strap for crossbody - fabulous idea!