Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Greetings 2018

Happy Halloween!

Hello, fellow monsters and ghouls! Today is my favorite day of the year!
The rest of the Tea Time with Melody Q crew are working on their costumes for tonight.
So I volunteered to give our holiday shout out!
The atmosphere just crackles with excitement; I love it!
Absolutely looking forward to all the treats...not so much the tricks. 
Although, Clawdeen did pull a great one on me one year. (laughs) Switched my regular drink with black cherry soda...or pop...and filled my bed with shipping peanuts!
Ah, well, those were the days; guess I should give her a call! Have a great day and night everyone! Enjoy every ghostly minute!
What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Special treat? Costume?




  1. What a cute Halloween post. We all hope for a safe trick or treat night. Can't wait to see the Melody Q crew in their costumes.