Friday, October 26, 2018

Coolspring October 2018: Day 3

Coolspring Power Museum

Daily Routine

I do apologize if you stopped by yesterday to find no new post. I had a lot of homework and just couldn't work in my regular post. I'm ready to pick up where I left off. We promised some new shots and this is one of them. It's a spot off limits to visitors. Ooooo! 😈😲

Sneak Peek: The Bunkhouse

Xyra likes to tell me about her first visits to the museum. They would camp like we do now, but there were no permanent facilities, just port-o-potties with hand washing stations. Can you imagine? Now the museum has a great set of restrooms and showers for overnight visitors to use. However, many of the volunteers stay in "the bunkhouse." Professor M told me the bunkhouse was built in the 1800s. It's a great little house.
We come up to use the bathroom for showers and brushing teeth.
The kitchen is not completely modern. (giggles) The stove is from the early 1900s. Think American Girl Kit. 
I found another online it's circa 1929. Xyra used it to cook up mac 'n' cheese for one of the volunteer dinners.

This is an early refrigerator. 
Unlike the stove, it does not work. (giggles) It's funny looking with the compressor on top.

Touring the Grounds

Behind the Friends Exhibition Hall is another building housing an 80 hp Type 10 Bessemer engine. It was used to compress air to run steam engines that pumped an oil well.
It has a great a bass drum.
I stopped on the steps to look out at the field. Friday morning it was still filled.
While walking through the field I found a visitor with a really cool doll house. I know that's not what they would call it, but it's an engine display in 1:12 scale, so...

And this small red engine. I didn't ask if it was a running model of an engine or an actual engine. 
Either way it was fun to watch.

That's it for day 3. I hope you are enjoying my adventures. Days 4 and 5 to come!

Come again soon!

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