Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Coolspring October 2018: Day 1

Coolspring Power Museum

October 2018 Fall Expo and Swap Meet

Hi! Kaya here! Guess you can tell it was my turn to head out to northwestern Pennsylvania. (giggles) especially if you follow our Facebook page. then you got a few sneak peeks while I was there. Anyway, this post will be the shortest of the bunch. Not a lot happened and the weather was being annoying. We left super early in the morning and saw the sunrise while driving the turnpike.
Our first stop was the Wawa at the exit for I-80. Then it was non-stop to St. Marys. Oh, cool! If you click that link and look at "landmarks" the Bucksgahuda and Western is mentioned! 
At the B&W Franz worked on the little Brookeville locomotive. Grace let me use her photo as a reminder.

Then we headed to Coolspring and the Coolspring Power Museum with a stop at Sheetz to pick up lunch. It was around 4 and raining when we arrived and the weather wasn't cooperating. So Xyra asked Franz and one of the other Power Tech building guys to help with the tent. She got it finished just in time to head up the hill for some wonderful cheeseburger soup.

Xyra made sure we had lights.
Franz made sure we had heat...added a space heater this fall and it was well appreciated, but more on that later. 

I promise the next few posts will be more exciting with lots of great photos of, and this is key, different places and activities at the museum! Tomorrow I report on our visit from and with Say Hello to My Little Friends

Come again soon!


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