Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Opening Presents

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more

First Thing

Hey, Gramma Enne sent us a wonder ball.
What's a wonder ball?
You know, I'm not sure. Let's open it and see.
Wow! More presents.
I get it...follow the's like a nesting doll, but with presents.
Open largest to smallest.
Let's go...Mel, you're first.
Oooo, pretty outfit.
Love that green!
Lanie, you're next.
Cool! A matching hat.
Adorable lavender sandals.
A tote bag.
Awesome glasses!
Thank You, Gramma Enne!

After Christmas Lunch

[Lots of paper ripping, giggling, ooos, ahhs, laughing, and some barking too.]
Tris, don't eat the paper! 
She's such a sweet little corgi!
(panting and tail wagging)
Just make sure she doesn't knock over the new tea set. 
Isn't it beautiful? Cute kitties on it.
It was so nice of Nana Kestrel to give it to us. She said it came from her Nova Scotia trip.
She gave us the Tris too and these great new Fair Isle Pajamas.
Thank you, Nana Kestrel!
I can't wait to wear the Coconut Fun Outfit. It looks comfy!
Yeah, and these barrettes might match too.
Love the watch and hanky, too.
Thank you, Xyra!

More to Come

Each of us got something really special too.
We'll show you those in another post. 
You'll love them as much as we do!
They came all the way from Lady Grey in Iowa!

What is your favorite from the gifts we've shown today?
What was your own favorite gift?

We hope you had a super fun Christmas.

Warmest wishes,


  1. Cute! My favorite gift from the ones you showed was the green and pink hat. :) My favorite gift that I received was a laptop.

    ~ Mint

    1. Congratulations on the new laptop! That's a great gift and tool. :)