Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Church Decorations 2014

Festive Season of Hope

These were taken on the fourth week of Advent. Isn't it pretty?
This is the top of the tree.

Looking down to the bottom.
Now the bottom.
A special type of decoration is used on the Christmas tree. They are called chrismons and all represent Jesus.
Xyra told me these altar vestments were made by families here at church many years ago. 
This particular square was embroidered by Gramma Enne.
The Nativity is spread out in the window sills.

Our cloak from Lady Vanyer is very festive...the color of poinsettias.

Does your church decorate for Christmas?

Xyra note: As mentioned above, these pictures were taken before Christmas, so the baby is not in the manger.

Best wishes,


  1. Those are lovely decorations! Yep, my church decorates for Christmas. On Christmas Eve mass there were bows, wreathes, candles, and all sorts of other decorations up. :)

    ~ Mint

    1. Your decorations sound wonderful too. I bet they sparkled in the candle light too. :)

  2. Yes our church decorates for Christmas. On my own tree, I have dolls, angels, crosses, Christmas balls and the names of God.

    1. Sounds like a great tree. Our pastor told us that crismon stands for Christ's monogram, so it sounds like you have a crismon tree of your own. :)