Monday, December 1, 2014

Fashion Review

Our Generation: Beyond Cozy

Melody, Haley, both, Xyra

New Outfit - Review

Hi! if you saw our Happy Thanksgiving post you may have noticed Haley and I sporting some new duds.
That's another term for clothes.
Why'd you say that?
Because it'd kind of old fashioned.
I suppose, but I like it! Anyway, we wanted to tell you about the new outfit.
It's from Target - Our Generation. Called "Beyond Cozy."
We saw it on a particularly chilly day and the swing sweater called to us.
Yeah, that and the beautiful burgundy tights and shoes.

Back of the box


You get shoes, tights, skirt, top, sweater...
Five pieces! Nice! Oh, and don't forget the hanger. (giggles)

Melody Models

You look great, Melody!
Thank you. The sweater seems a bit tight in the shoulders.
I see what you mean. Spin! Looks great from behind.
Let me see the sweater.
Oh, the sleeves are lined...paired with a long-sleeved blouse all those seams could get a bit snug.
[The sweater is very nice. The sleeves are lined so doll fingers do not get caught while putting it on, a very nice feature. However, the lining causes a little extra bulk. The sleeves end is sweatshirt style cuffs. They stretch, but are still snug and it took a bit to get Melody's hands through.]

The skirt looks great. 
[The skirt has an elastic waist for easy on and off. It's a nice cotton print - needs to be ironed.]

The top is cute.
I'm iffy on the top. I just don't like mixing my patterns like this.
[The top has a full open back with Velcro closure. The wrists/cuffs are gathered and stretch a bit, but it took some maneuvering to get her hands through.]

I love the tights. They are nice and warm.
[The tights are a nice opaque knit; however, I put 2 pulls in the one leg during this first use. You can see one in the above picture and one in the following picture.]

The shoes are adorable!
Yep, love the shoes.
[The shoes are the same mold as the purple pair from the Wearever and Ever outfit, but in a different color and not transparent. They fit well.]

I really like how you chose that headband to pair with the outfit. It matches the top well.
Thank you. I'm just not into the stripes with the flowers, though. I'm going to put on a different shirt.
Cool! I'll wear the top and headband with jeans.
You'll look great! I definitely want to wear the sweater though. It's...
"Beyond Cozy!" (giggling)

Additional Note (Time Sensitive)
This outfit is currently (as of December 1, 2014) on sale through for $10 - that breaks down to $2 per piece. Plus Target is offering free shipping for the holidays.

What is your favorite part of this outfit?

Best wishes,


  1. This is so cute! I love that sweater! I might just have to get this!;)