Monday, August 3, 2015

Vacation 2015

Yay! Ocracoke!

Lanie, Melody, both

Oh. My. Gosh! It's so awesome to be back on Ocracoke Island.
The trip down was long, but we made it and now we get views like this!
A beautiful day! 

I love it here on the widow's walk.
Don't worry. We packed sunscreen. Although, it didn't help Xyra much.
This was the sunset from dinner last night at Jolly Rogers. So pretty. 

Quick Update

Not sure how often we will get to post.
But we are all here on the island.
So you may get a quick update.
Or a tea review.
Stay tuned.

Best wishes,


  1. Looks like a groovy place to spend your vacation. Have fun!

    1. It's super dooper nifty! Very relaxing. Thanks!