Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tea Review: Pineapple Orange Guava

The Republic of Tea

A Vacation in a Glass

Pineapple Orange Guava Green Tea

Haley, Lanie, both

Hi! We're here to try a new tea blend. A blend specified to make iced tea.
It's from The Republic of Tea and the card calls it "a vacation in a glass."
Since we have just come back from vacation, we need a reminder of island life. Even if the island indicated here is Hawaii not Ocracoke.

Read the card out, Haley.
"A Hawaiian blend with premium green tea. A refreshing iced green tea with pineapple, orange, and guava is like a sunset beach luau."
Cool! But how do we make this?
Oh. (giggles) Regular brewing for green tea. Heat water to just short of boiling, pour over bag, and let steep 2 - 3 minutes. Then let cool and serve over ice.
Great! I already have the glass pot ready.
Now I'll add the tea bag.
Xyra will pour the water and I'll set the timer for 3 minutes.
And we wait.
[Timer beeping]
Look at the lovely, honey color!
And is smells heavenly. Very tropical.
Okay, I can't wait. I want to try this hot.
Not bad. The guava comes through nicely.
Ooo, I want to try it hot too.
Yes, quite yummy!
We're kind of unusual in that we really like our iced tea unsweetened, but others don't. So here's our one tip for sweet tea...add your sweetener while it is still hot. 
That way the sugar dissolves completely.
I'm going to add regular, granulated sugar to the one glass. Just a teaspoon.
Now we have sweetened and unsweetened and will wait for it to cool.
[15 minutes pass]
Okay! Cool enough. 
I've got the ice in the glasses.
Sweet on the left and unsweet on the right.
They look the same.
Yeah, they do. That's why I'm telling you so that we don't get a surprise while tasting.
First, the sweet. This is really good. Sweet, but not too sweet. Fruity. The guava doesn't stick out quite as much now.
Mmm, yes. I think you're right.! This is good too! The fruitiness balances well with the green tea and takes that green tea edge off. I don't know which I like better.
Yummy! You know, I think I like it sweet best, but both ways are perfect and refreshing!

Xyra's Notes

  • The pineapple orange guava green tea is a wonderful blend for making refreshing iced tea. It's no wonder it is a top seller. I can picture myself relaxing on widow's walk after a long, hot day at the beach watching the sunset and sipping this from a tall glass topped with a tiny umbrella. 
  • This pineapple orange guava green tea bag was a sample from a recent Republic of Tea catalog. Love those samples. We only have the one; we'll try to re-steep once or twice.
  • The tea on the website is a larger bag and the steeping instructions are slightly different than those provided for the sample.
  • About the long's cool here this morning. Will be a lovely summer day. Hot and humid returning soon.

I think we have asked this you like your iced tea sweetened or unsweetened? Another important you like fresh brewed or store bought iced tea? Xyra told us once she grew up drinking iced tea from a store powder mix, so you can feel free to answer honestly. We don't judge. :)

Happy sipping!

#TheRepublicof Tea

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